How to make a DIY Wedding Card Album

Today I’m sharing a DIY wedding card album! It’s an easy way to keep those wedding cards safe and displayed beautifully. Beyond weddings, this works for saving birthday cards, Christmas cards, or any other mail you want to save!


DIY T-Shirt Blanket

Raise your hand if you have roughly 4857392 t-shirts that you love, but don’t wear anymore! Doesn’t everyone graduate from college with so many shirts? Teams, athletic events, sorority parties, beach weekends, concerts. The list goes on forever. You just can’t bear to part with them because MEMORIES PEOPLE, but most of our post-grad lives involve a… Read More DIY T-Shirt Blanket

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Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games get a bad rap. Yes they can be cheesy and at times dumb, but I want to make the case that when done right, they offer something way more than just a everybody uncomfortable together. Games are great at showers because they create some space for everyone to interact together. Rather than six or… Read More Bridal Shower Games