Quick and Easy Frittata

Frittatas make fantastic breakfasts or dinners. This quick and easy frittata recipe is simple, easy to customize, and perfect for a weeknight meal or hosting brunch with the girls! The links here contain affiliate links, which means I get a few cents (at no extra cost to you) if you book or buy something via that… Read More Quick and Easy Frittata

NC Triangle Bucket List


I’ve been hearing about Beasley’s for years now. People always have good things to say about it, but I knew nothing about it other than everyone who goes enjoys it and that it’s a chicken and waffles place. So when I recently made plans to grab dinner with a friend, and she mentioned that she… Read More Beasley’s


Sausage egg casserole

While I love breakfast casseroles conceptually, I usually end up finding I’m too lazy to pull them together when it comes down to it. Especially when the ingredients can be eaten separately (eggs, bacon, sausage) easier and pretty close to just as delicious, minus the extra step of baking in the oven. When I wake… Read More Sausage egg casserole