My favorite Montreal restaurants

My series on visiting Montreal ends on a high note: Montreal restaurants! I’ll be honest: the thing I was most looking forward to about visiting Montreal – outside of my friends, of course! – was the food. Living in a small town has meant that I crave great restaurants even more when I travel.


Greek Chicken Bowls

Lately we’ve been trying to prep lunches on Sunday: it helps to have one less thing to figure out in the morning, and we’ve both had some early alarm clocks this month! These Greek chicken bowls have been perfect to keep us fed and happy all week long! Marinated chicken paired with just about anything… Read More Greek Chicken Bowls


Crockpot Bourbon Chicken

For those times when you can’t think of what to make for dinner this week: make this. Bourbon Chicken in a slow cooker is delicious! Plus it’s easy, even by slow cooker recipe standards. I’d be wiling to bet you have all or almost all of these ingredients in your kitchen already. Another great thing is… Read More Crockpot Bourbon Chicken


Quick Shrimp Scampi

You know that moment when its 5 o’clock and you don’t know what to cook for dinner? I hate those evenings. What in the world am I going to cook?  That moment happened to me. I knew we had shrimp, which meant there were some tasty options to choose from, but I hadn’t picked a… Read More Quick Shrimp Scampi