Quick & easy Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a classic snack that only takes 7 minutes to make yourself! Plus, if you make it instead of buy it, you can personalize the ingredients to exactly what you like most.


Chocolate Torte

What’s better than chocolate cake? Chocolate Torte! It’s richer and denser than a regular cake, and best of all makes you sound fancy when you say it. I’m sharing this decadent dessert in honor of St. Patrick’s day! Somehow a rich chocolate cake felt like the perfect dessert after corned beef and Guinness. Full disclosure:… Read More Chocolate Torte


Sauteed Green Beans

These green beans are some of my favorite things in a dish: easy to make, healthy to eat, tastes amazing, and ready in less than 30 minutes. What more can you ask for of a side dish?? They’re a great recipe to keep in your back pocket for all kinds of meals. If I ever need… Read More Sauteed Green Beans


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Teaspoon of Nose! However you celebrate, I hope your day is full of Christmas cheer and joy! I’m taking an internet break over the next day or two, so I may not respond to comments or emails. Enjoy the season, hopefully with some snow! all images copyright Teaspoon of Nose  


Honey Butter Dinner Rolls

Don’t you just love holiday food?? Seriously. One of the best things about the holidays is the food. Picture Halloween without candy. Fourth of July without watermelon. Easter without ham or deviled eggs. It doesn’t really work. It’s not the most important part, of course. But it’s pretty close. Anyway, when I asked my husband what were… Read More Honey Butter Dinner Rolls


Classic Holiday Apple Pie

One of my favorite things about apple pie is that it’s become a tradition with practically all of the really American holidays. Apple pie is equally at home at Thanksgiving, Independence Day, and Christmas! It also happens to be a family favorite. So even when we have four dessert options (aka every thanksgiving ever), this… Read More Classic Holiday Apple Pie