Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies

Last winter, during our first weeks of living in a new place, a new friend brought these Reese’s peanut butter cookies over. It was the kind of cookie that I thought about for days, wishing there were more to eat. These cookies are crazy good!


Altus Bucket List

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re having a wonderful celebration with family and loved ones. We’re having a low-key celebration this year. Thanksgiving was pretty much the first thing we did when we moved here to Altus, Oklahoma last year. It’s crazy to think we’ve been here for a year!!


Quick Glazed Carrots with Walnuts

Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK, y’all!!! Have you planned your meal yet? We’re not hosting, so I’m only bringing a few things. But when Logan asked me to whip up something for his office Thanksgiving party, my mind immediately went to glazed carrots.


Quick & easy Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a classic snack that only takes 7 minutes to make yourself! Plus, if you make it instead of buy it, you can personalize the ingredients to exactly what you like most.


Chocolate Torte

What’s better than chocolate cake? Chocolate Torte! It’s richer and denser than a regular cake, and best of all makes you sound fancy when you say it. I’m sharing this decadent dessert in honor of St. Patrick’s day! Somehow a rich chocolate cake felt like the perfect dessert after corned beef and Guinness. Full disclosure:… Read More Chocolate Torte