As our first assignment with the US Air Force, we tried to take advantage of living in a new part of the country. Here are a few of our explorations of rural Oklahoma! 


Explore Oklahoma - take advantage of the are! | Teaspoon of Nose

Explore Oklahoma: the list

OKC has pockets of cute shops and great food that aren't immediately obvious. Here are a few of our favorite Oklahoma City neighborhoods!

Oklahoma City Neighborhoods

Oklahoma City has so much to offer! Here's how to spend a day trip in OKC! | Teaspoon of Nose

Oklahoma City in a Day

Altus & Mangum

How's your fall bucket list going? | Teaspoon of Nose

Altus Bucket List

Want to learn more about the Air Force? Check out the Altus air show, Air Power Over Altus! | Teaspoon of Nose

Air Power over Altus

Exploring Mangum's Rattlesnake Derby in southwest Oklahoma! | Teaspoon of Nose

Rattlesnake Derby

Classic cars to crazy creations at the Altus Rockin' Rumble, Oklahoma! | Teaspoon of Nose

Rockin’ Rumble

Our closest hiking spot is Quartz Mountain, which is rustic and beautiful! | Teaspoon of Nose Our closest hiking spot is Quartz Mountain, which is rustic and beautiful! | Teaspoon of Nose

Quartz Mountain: Baldy Point

Quartz Mountain's New Horizon trail may not be much of a trail, but if you're up for scrambling up the rocks it ends with a fantastic view! Southwest Oklahoma | Teaspoon of Nose

Quartz Mountain: New Horizon Trail

  A few snippets of life in Altus! | Teaspoon of Nose

Life in Altus


Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

If you're looking for hiking in southwest Oklahoma, try the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The Charons Garden trail is long enough for a solid hike and ends in beautiful views! | Teaspoon of Nose

Charons Garden

Oklahoma DOES have a mountain! Mt. Scott is in the heart of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, and the views are beautiful! | Teaspoon of Nose

Mount Scott

Secret Oklahoma hiking spots are the best! Check out the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge for Oklahoma's biggest gorge and beautiful scenery. | Teaspoon of Nose

Kite Trail

If you're looking for a short hike in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, try the Longhorn and Elk trails!

Elk & Longhorn Trails

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge's Bison trail is a great longer trail in southwest Oklahoma with plenty of views and a few bison if you're lucky! | Teaspoon of Nose

Bison Trail

Wildlife Refuge in Snow

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