Halfway highlights of 2017

AAAAnd it’s somehow already July. Insert reference to how fast the year has gone here.

Earlier this week I sat down and did a six month check in on my annual goals. Looking at the bigger picture every few months has been crazy helpful, and I wish I did it more. Maybe I need to hang them on the wall where I’ll see them every day?

Annual goals halfway point

My overall assessment was that goals are going okay-to-well. Not bombing anything, but also not making huge strides anywhere. Progress, not perfection.

So instead of walking through my year’s goals with you verbatim, [which let’s be honest, would include mostly introspection that doesn’t add much value in a one-sided conversation] I thought I’d share a highlight reel of sorts!

Quartz Mountain's rocky beauty stands out against the Oklahoma sky.

I started my own business! That’s HUGE. We’re still very much in the startup phase of things, with more time and love going in than financial support coming out, but it has been a blast to dream everything up! The best place to go is straight to the shop for fun gold foil paper goods!

My brother made an appearance as our first Oklahoma visitor and we got into snowy shenanigans, both on base and in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

Some favorites kitchen adventures include mozzarella-stuffed meatballs, shrimp scampi, and cookie dough brownies.

Logan spent the spring at a  training in Alabama, which freed me up to do some major travel around the southeast, including my hometown, Nashville, Atlanta, Huntsville, D.C., Charlotte, and the beach.

Exploring the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta!

Locally, I checked out the biggest Altus event of the year, took the Whole30 plunge, and was reminded of what having fun looked like pre-internet. Our family got a lot furrier, and I swear he looks bigger every other day. The focus of most days has become how to wear him out so I can actually work, but he’s so cute it’s worth it.

Overall, the year has been both great and tumultuous. I’ve felt a lot of the yo-yo of emotions that I hear from other entrepreneurs, one day wanting to take on the world and the next feeling like a failure. I know this is the process of startups, so I’m trying to take it one day at a time. Adding things like puppy training and adjusting to military life stretches me further, but I’m grateful to have the flexibility during my days to do things like walk the dog or have lunch with Logan’s office.  I’m making some great friends and learning the strangeness and hilarity of small town culture.

My hope for the second half of the year is to continue expanding on my goals. I’ve made some progress but am looking forward to focusing my efforts on the things that matter most rather than self-imposed meaningless tasks.

Wedge at five months!

One more thing:

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Bible verse gold foil art print

Have you done any mid year reflecting? How have you progressed in your goals this far?

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