Welcome to Teaspoon of Nose! I’m Emma, a twentysomething military wife, Jesus follower, aspiring foodie, and traveler. I’m addicted to ice cream, total Star Wars nerd, and game for just about anything!
About Teaspoon of Nose

I’m the creator this food & travel blog and a paper goods shop. The blog explores recipes, traveling, married and military life, puppy raising, and everything in between. My Etsy store sells gold foil pressed stationery, party decorations, and other goodies. Most of my work is custom and I love creating things that make people happy! You can see more here.

The phrase an intrepid life is my attempt at getting at the way I think about the big picture. I don’t mean that as some expectation that life is all butterflies and rainbows, or some two-dimensional shiny object. Life can be so much more than that: embrace the highs and lows, own and embrace where you are in life today. US Air Force JAG JASOC graduation festivities!My day has value whether I’m backpacking across Europe or figuring out what’s for dinner. The good and the bad and the complicated and the beautiful all add up to shape us, so why not be part of that process instead of reactive to it? When I think about eighty year old me, I want her to be able to say she lived her life well. Not necessarily that she was wealthy or influential or even wore matching socks most days, but lived deeply, fearlessly, passionately and richly.

I’m all about living actively. Choosing lasting joy instead of fleeting happiness, reality instead of  Insta-perfection, and authenticity instead of glossing over hard things. Figuring out how to chase your dreams and get the laundry done. You know, adulting.

All of that to say: an intrepid life applies in a million different ways. I hope you’ll join me in jumping in with reckless abandon!

Who are you anyway?

About me | Teaspoon of Nose

I absolutely love to travel and I’m always planning my text trip. When I think about a given year, I remember where I’ve gone. It doesn’t have to be glamorous – weekend escapes and camping trips are just as meaningful as globetrotting – but it has to involve seeing a new place. I get itchy when we don’t have a trip on the horizon.  I lived in North Carolina for most of my life, but have dreamt of living in faraway places ever since Grandma took me to China at age 16. Now that my husband’s in the military, we move around every few years and I love the chance to see new places. I’m passionate about figuring out how to travel even when budgets are tight.

I think Jesus is pretty awesome and love to see the ways He brings healing and beauty to this world. I love to connect with people – I can talk to a brick wall and I try to be a good listener too. I’m married to an amazing Air Force JAG officer, Logan, and we live on base in Altus, Oklahoma. This is our first assignment so we’re learning the ins and outs of military life and living in a rural town!

Outside of travel, I really try to live an intrepid life in the day to day. I want to thrive where I’m at, in my own home and town and state, no matter where that happens to be. Cooking great food, getting to know my friends and community on a deep level, reading everything I can get my hands on, and exploring my passions (including Netflix, let’s be real). I’m taking full advantage of this thing called life!

So what’s with the name?

Like most toddlers, I played a lot with my parents’ kitchen stuff: bowls, measuring cups, anything in the bottom cabinets. My favorite was the measuring spoons, which they hung on my nose. My parents love to tell me that I had a “teaspoon of nose” because that’s the size that fit.

I’d love to get to know you – feel free to get in touch!

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  1. “The one I’m sad to say I haven’t done yet: skydiving. Soon.” – Sooooo…I was thinking about going skydiving this summer. Want to join me? 😀
    PS Love the blog! Great stuff!

  2. Proud of you Emma! Can’t wait to follow along on your life adventures. Did y’all find out where Logan will be based out of aka where you’re moving to yet!?

  3. Its like stumbling upon a vortex of energy !!
    Amazing blog and so much inspiration !
    If you get time from being awsome do check out our blog and let us know how it is !!
    Great stuff looking forward to more !

  4. Emma, Ray and I had lunch with Becky and Judy today and Becky told us about your blog. It will be a great way to keep up with what is going on with Logan and you. We only met you at the wedding but Logan has been special to us all his life. We wish you both the best and look forward to following ya’ll and seeing your adventures. Looks like you have a great start in the military.