Hilton Head Island, in photos

Ever have those moments when you take a break, and it’s only during that respite that  you realize just how much you desperately needed it?

That happened to me this summer.

Hilton Head 19

I was in the thick of a really crazy stretch at work, and Logan was faithfully doing his bar prep thing. We just kept moving, one day at a time, getting through. We were getting through, doing what needed to be done. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Then I left for a long weekend with my parents to drive south for a family wedding. I knew it would be really fun – I love hanging with extended family!  – but life had been so full I hadn’t given the trip much thought.

Instead of a 10 hour drive down to Florida, we left a few days early to detour into Hilton Head Island to visit my aunt and uncle!

Hilton Head 04

Hilton Head seems best experienced rather than told, so I mostly want to share photos with you today.

The thing I loved most about Hilton Head was the options. You can’t always see your neighbors even when they’re not that far away. The developers emphasized retaining the natural feel of the place, which works: huge oaks dripping with spanish moss line the streets, and marshes by the dozen interspersed in the residential area. We spent the morning, coffee in hand, on the back deck, watching the birds skim through the pond. Our biggest goal was the spot an alligator, if that tells you anything about our speed for the day.

A slow weekend in Hilton Head is the best recharge I can think of!

A slow weekend in Hilton Head is the best recharge I can think of!

Hilton Head 08

My dad and his brother, the goofs.

Hilton Head 14

Hilton Head 09

We did spot a baby gator!

Hilton Head 18

You’re never too far from the ocean, which is where I would spend 90% of my time if I lived down here. The pristine wide beach is perfect for playing in the waves, sunning, throwing a frisbee or walking. My cousin just got a kayak, so he broke it in while we were  visiting – maybe next time I’ll take a shot at it!

Hilton Head 01

Hilton Head 20

Hilton Head 21

If you get bored, there’s several commercial areas still within the community. Shopping, restaurants, bars, and harbors offer more people-oriented entertainment. My favorite was touring the lighthouse!

Hilton Head 02

Hilton Head 23
Yes, that gorgeous girl is my cousin, who is 10 years younger than me and a foot taller than me.

Hilton Head 11

Hilton Head 13

Hilton Head 10

In between things, we did a whole lot of biking. It’s the perfect way to go grab a bite to eat or explore the 200+ year old ruins.

Hilton Head 17

A slow weekend in Hilton Head is the best recharge I can think of!

Hilton Head 15

Hilton Head 16
tiny gecko friend!

All in all, I loved Hilton Head Island. We had a perfect little respite to recharge and relax in the middle of a chaotic summer! My aunt has been visiting her whole life, and I can see why she loves it so much.

Thanks to my aunt and uncle for being the most gracious hosts and sharing your beautiful home with us! We had an absolutely wonderful time!

Hilton Head 03

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