A party without cake is just a meeting.

– Julia Child

Butter cake with mocha icing - it's better than the box mix!!!

Cake & Cupcakes

nutella butter cake

golden butter cake with mocha frosting

rich chocolate cupcakes with raspberry cheesecake buttercream icing

chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing

chocolate chip cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting

gingerbread cupcakes

victoria sponge cupcakes

chocolate torte

Molasses Sugar Cookies

Cookies & Scones

molasses sugar cookies

chocolate sugar cookies

red velvet chocolate chip cookies

sugar cookies

Reese’s peanut butter cookies

classic Christmas cookies

frosted pumpkin cookies

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies


nutella cookies

hagrid’s rock cakes

classic chocolate chip cookies

Cookie dough brownies are little pieces of dessert HEAVEN.

Brownies & Bars

classic homemade brownies

nutella brownies

cookie dough brownies

blackberry pie bars

chocolate chip cookie bars

Pies, Tarts, Crisps & Cobblers

apple pie

classic blueberry pie

peach blueberry pie

blackberry pie

apple crisp

chocolate chess pie

Apple pies are ALWAYS a hit with a crowd. How much more American can you get?

Dips & other delicacies

nutella dip

pumpkin dip

brownie batter dip

french pear dessert

This blueberry pie recipe is simple and delicious!

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