Photo-a-day challenge: complete!

Well folks, I took a picture [almost] every day for a year.

It was a fun challenge! Admittedly, some days were not so hot (oh hey, photos of my shoes/bed/wall art).

Best I can estimate, I took photos on 345 days this year. That means I missed about 20 days. Which sounds like a lot to me until I realize that it’s only 5% of the days. Meaning I got an A (yes, I cared too much about grades in school. Why do you ask?) .

Here’s my favorite shots from the past 3 months!

To round out the year, though, I put together a collage of one photo per day,and I’m pretty pleased with the results! There’s a few that didn’t make it onto Instagram, either from being out of internet range or my phone being dead (dropped it in water, but it revived!).

2015 photo a challenge

What a fun challenge! This year, I think I’ll be less tied up in getting a photo every day as taking higher-quality photos, still as often as possible.

What are your favorite photos of 2015?

all images copyright Teaspoon of Nose

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