2017 in review

And just like that, we’re about to wave goodbye to 2017!

2017 in review | Teaspoon of Nose

I know it’s just too cheesy to wax poetic about how fast it went by, so I’ll try to just skip that. But what a year it’s been! Here are a few things that came to mind as I think back over 2017.

This year felt like the year of trying things, seeing if habits or decisions fit, finding out what works and what doesn’t.

I worked at a coffee shop for half the year and loved the job. I learned a ton about coffee and recipes and deepened my love of espresso. My coworkers were some of my favorite people in the world and I loved seeing people daily (or two or three times a day) as they got their caffeine. I also realized I need more consistency in my life than a work schedule that changes every Sunday night, but the job taught me a ton and you’ll still find me there weekly as a customer.

I learned that in this military life where so little is in our control, creating rhythms for myself is one of the most important things I can do.

2017 in review | Teaspoon of Nose

I was reminded that great friendship can be built on something as simple as proximity in the beginning, and grow to be the person you text entirely in emojis or who they call when they’re going into labor and need someone to watch the kids.

The thing I’m most proud of in 2017 has to be starting my own business. Creative employment felt like the right decision when we moved to our small town, and it also allowed me to take it on the road when I traveled this year. It’s been fun and challenging and scary and affirming all at the same time.

Gold foil beauties like these have been a big part of my 2017 | Teaspoon of Nose

Our little family got a lot furrier this year! Wedge has been a hilarious addition to the family. He’s now 90 pounds of German Shepherd puppy with inexhaustible energy and still thinks he can catch the jackrabbits in our neighborhood. Heaven forbid he ever gets off the leash when he sees one.

This year I spent fewer nights in my own bed than ever before. Between Logan’s work travels, weddings, and family vacations, I spent 108 nights away from Altus! Nearly a third of the year. I spent time in North Carolina, Virginia, DC, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, as well as Montreal and Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In spite of living halfway across the country, I still got to see a lot of my parents and friends. In fact, at the time this goes live we’re road tripping back to Oklahoma with my brother in tow from our Christmas travels.

Traveling was a big part of my 2017 | Teaspoon of Nose

This year has been a tough one to sum up. It’s been our first full year post-law school and therefore felt like we’d shifted paradigms in our marriage and lifestyle. I also felt a bit lost, trying to find my place in military life and employment and small town life. And while things look on outside a lot like they did a year ago, I’ve learned a lot and I think the lessons of this year will shape me for years to come.

How was 2017 for you? What have you learned about yourself and the world??

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2 thoughts on “2017 in review

  1. Congrats on launching your stationery business this year! That’s so awesome and I love seeing Wedge in your posts 🙂 I can’t believe you spent nearly a third of the year away from home; next time you’re in NC and you’ve got some free time let’s catch up!

    1. Yeah it’s so crazy to think it’s been so long – Logan having a 9 week training was most of it, and I didn’t stay in OK for that. I’d love to meet up in 2018, I’ll definitely be in touch!!

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