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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re having a wonderful celebration with family and loved ones. We’re having a low-key celebration this year. Thanksgiving was pretty much the first thing we did when we moved here to Altus, Oklahoma last year. It’s crazy to think we’ve been here for a year!!

Looking for things to do in Altus, Oklahoma? Try this Altus bucket list! | Teaspoon of Nose

Living in a small town definitely has its ups and downs. It sucks that running “a few quick errands” means that if you can’t get it at Walmart, you’re driving an hour each way (at least). We only got a decent coffee shop in 2017. Our restaurant choices are a bit disastrous, especially for a date night. It can be hard. But life is what you make it, right? So shortly after we moved here, I made an Altus bucket list: the things that are unique or worth exploring in the area. It’s my way of embracing – and being thankful for – what this town does have to offer.

Want to learn more about the Air Force? Check out the Altus air show, Air Power Over Altus! | Teaspoon of Nose

Altus Bucket List

  • Air Power Over Altus – Every other September, with the next one in 2019!
  • Rockin Rumble – every April, usually the first weekend of the month
  • Candy Cane Cash – A December event that supports local businesses, culminating in a holiday event and giveaway!
  • Downtown Market – Held monthly, it’s more crafts and direct sales than a farmer’s market. Worth checking out!
  • Lake Altus – Right near Quartz Mountain; we haven’t actually spent much time at the lake. Something for next summer!
  • Walk the reservoir – Our favorite way to spend a weekend morning. The biggest loop is just under 5k, so it’s perfect to try to wear out the dog.
  • Quartz MountainWe’ve hiked here before, but there’s several areas worth checking out. I’ve also heard about a train to see?
  • Baldy Point Climbing Area – part of Quartz Mountain technically, but a different area. We like hiking here in winter because it’s less buggy.

Classic cars to crazy creations at the Altus Rockin' Rumble, Oklahoma! | Teaspoon of Nose

  • Scooters – Sketchy bar; dance floor. It’s a bit of an institution, but nothing good happens here. I want to go once or twice and laugh at the bad decisions happening.
  • Mysterious Thai place – There’s a Asian grocery that’s open unpredictably. Rumor has it that you can order out food when it’s open, but I explored it yet.
  • Cattle Drive – Cattle ranchers head through the base and town. It’s often the kickoff for the Altus Rodeo.
  • Great Plains Stampede Rodeo – Usually in mid-August. Hoping to check it out next year.
  • Museum of the Western Prairie – It’s worth going once!
  • Mangum Rattlesnake Derby – A miniature fair. But with snakes. I’m half kidding – if you have kiddos, there’s rides and fair food, but there’s also rattlesnake stuff. Touch them, see them, eat them.
  • Chili cook off – Every October, it’s a low-key community event.
  • Doll museum – Let’s be real, this one sounds creepy. But in an itty-bitty town, I want to go once. I’ll report back if I have months of nightmares.

Snow days are the best days!

After a year here, we’ve checked out about half of our Altus bucket list. Now that I know the time of year for most of these events, I can plan for them in 2018!

Have you made a list of thing you want to explore in your town? Leave some in the comments below – I’d love to hear them!

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9 thoughts on “Altus Bucket List

  1. I grew up in a small town, so I can TOTALLY relate to this! Date night is definitely awkward when you know everyone in the restaurant. But they definitely have their charm, and small-town life is what you make it. Everyone pitches in to help, and we take care of our own. I love that you’ve found so many wonderful things to do in yours. Happy exploring!

    1. It’s so true! And there are advantages – yesterday we had to go to the ER (everything’s fine, but there aren’t any urgent cares/minute clinics/etc here) and we managed to be in and out in 3 hours. That never happens in a city!

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