The Best Sorrento Restaurants

Thinking of heading to the Amalfi Coast? These are the best Sorrento restaurants!

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So you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast, and you know you’ll spend some time in Sorrento. Sorrento is the closest Amalfi Coast down to Naples, making it an easy stop or home base. I’ve already shared a guide to Sorrento, so now let’s talk food!

Eating well always takes trips to the next level, and it’s no different on the Amalfi Coast. Here’s what you need to know to eat your way through Sorrento!

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Typical Amalfi Coast Dishes

Being on the coast, the obvious thing to eat is seafood! The Amalfi Coast has some incredible fish & seafood dishes, so make sure to ask what’s best that day! That being said, sometimes staff will laugh and say “everything’s great, it was all caught this morning.” Spoiled for choice!

One classic seafood pasta is called gli scialatielli di Amalfitana – basically a noodle that’s fatter and shorter than spaghetti, but in the family, and topped with all sorts of seafood! Usually, a few tomatoes are thrown in, but the focus is the mix of clams, mussels, calamari, and maybe shrimp.

Risotto frutti di mare Sorrento Amalfi Coast travel guide

Other favorites are spaghetti alle vongole (with clams, in an olive oil & wine sauce) and risotto ai frutti di mare (packed with seafood, sometimes with tomato in the sauce)!

For a quick lunch or main dish, my favorite it fritto misto – mixed fried seafood! You can get it at street corners in a paper cone, perfect for enjoying without leaving the beach.

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Seafood not your thing? No worries!

My very favorite dish from the Amalfi Coast area is pasta al limone. A deceptively simple meal, it’s pasta in a lemon sauce. But y’all, it’s so perfectly balanced! I love to cook, and I’ve never completely replicated this dish, even using great Italian lemons. This is the closest I’ve gotten, and it’s good! But there’s nothing like the real thing.

Another classic is gnocchi alla Sorrentina, or gnocchi in a light tomato sauce! Topped with basil, it tastes like pure summer. I absolutely love it.

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Eating under a lemon grove is quintessential Sorrento Amalfi Coast!

The Best Sorrento Restaurants


Does it get any more iconic Amalfi than eating under a lemon grove? Head to O’ Parrucchiano for the quintessential experience! While it’s certainly not the only to set up in a lemon grove, it’s one the best and possibly the first! The food is high-end but not crazy expensive, and reservations are a must. Their focus is seafood, but they have plenty of non-fish options if that’s not your favorite. Don’t miss their signature lemon dessert, delizia al limone.

Chantecler’s Trattoria

Chantecler’s Trattoria is on the other end of the niceness spectrum. This place will feel like you’re at an Italian grandmother’s house in the best possible way. The atmosphere hits that loud, happy feel you picture at a classic trattoria, and their menu offering both seafood and meat dishes.

Torrent restaurants

O’ Pulerdrone

You need to get at least one meal on shore! O’ Pulerdrone is a great choice for a meal at the marina. Sit outside if you can – the tables are prefect for enjoying the local passersby and the sunset! Local fishermen bring in the day’s harvest every morning, so the menu shifts daily based on what they catch! But no matter what you pick, you know it was in the sea that morning.

Da Gigino

If you need to break it up and grab a pizza, head for Da Gigino. Locals consistently call it the best pizza in the city. They also serve great pasta, so everyone can get what they want! Unlike many places, they also allow online reservations, so easy to make sure you have dinner sorted.

A classic Amalfi Coast dessert: limone all delizia Sorrento restaurants
The best gelato in Sorrento - Amalfi Coast

Coffee & Gelato in Sorrento

No Italian trip is complete with coffee and gelato! These are my favorite spots in Sorrento for breakfast and dessert.

Gelateria David

Gelateria David is the best place for gelato! They have a wide variety of flavors, and even offer crepes if you’re in the mood for a different dessert. My favorite was salted caramel, but everything I tried was fantastic!

Bar del Carmine

Despite sitting in a pretty touristy part of town, Bar del Carmine is a great choice for coffee and pastries! It’s perfect if you need an easy breakfast on the way to the beach or marina. They do have some hot breakfast options if you want a longer, more American-style breakfast. Later in the day, they offer small plates and drinks all day long if you need a spot to take a break. 

Sorrento gelato Amalfi Coast restaurant guide

These are just a few of the best Sorrento restaurants to get you started! I have way more suggestions on my Thatch guide. It’s easy to use, with an interactive map feature – perfect for using on the go!

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