The Best Valletta Restaurants

Heading to Malta soon? Here are all the Valletta restaurants you need to know!

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One of the greatest things about Malta is just how many nationalities and cultures have brought their culinary heritage here! Over the centuries, the island has played host to Italian, French, Spanish, British, Arabic, and north African communities. The mix of so many different food influences makes Maltese food unique.

I’ve already shared the best things to do in the city, so today let’s talk Valletta restaurants!

Best cafes & wine bars in Valletta, Malta

Maltese dishes

Pastizzi is the number one street food and breakfast option! It’s a flaky pasty, usually filled with ricotta or mashed peas. It’s cheap and filling, perfect for a snack!

Ftira is a bread that you’ll see everywhere. It’s most commonly used to make small sandwiches packed with just about anything, making for a great street food snack or lunch.

As an island, fish and seafood play a huge part in the Maltese diet! Popular options are lampuki (mahi mahi), mussels, and calamari, but you can find just about anything you can think of that comes from the sea! Or order aljotta, a fish stew that’s especially popular during Lent.

Stuffat tal-Fenek is a strewed rabbit that’s considered Malta’s national dish! It’s slow-cooked with lots of vegetables and a must-try in Valletta. We ordered it more than once and loved it every time.

Kapunata may sound familiar: it’s the Maltese version of Italian caponata! It’s a vegetarian stew, cooked down into a rich side dish. It’s made with tomatoes, eggplant, onions, garlic, bell peppers, and more. Some places serve it as an appetizer spread as well.

the best places to eat in Valletta Malta

Valletta Restaurants


If you only eat one nice meal in Valletta, eat it at Legligin! They offer seasonal Maltese dishes, and they do a tasting menu only so you know the menu will always be great. Best of all, you can go at lunch and get a five-course meal for 30€ – a steal for this quality of menu!


Guzé is a great splurge option. They’re a Michelin-starred Maltese restaurant. Everything is good here, and their extensive wine menu has tons of Maltese producers. They also offer a tasting menu with a land or sea focus. The rabbit was divine, and I also loved the meagre (fish). This was our most expensive meal, and it was 100% worth it.

Best pasta in Valletta, Malta

Cafe Jubilee

Cafe Jubilee is exactly what you picture when you want a French cafe. It’s equally popular for breakfast, dinner, or a glass of wine! I stopped in for wine and appetizers right after arriving in Valletta and it was the perfect pick-me-up while I got my bearings. The menu is French-ish with local influences.


Ambrosia is a great option just off the main streets. The menu changes all the time, but it always features classic Maltese dishes. I had a lamb dish here was amazing – packed with north African spices. This is one of the best parts of Malta: it brings together so many different cultural influences, creating so much good food!

Seafood in Valletta, Malta

Coffee & Breakfast

Caffe Cordina

Caffe Cordina is an historic cafe just off one of the main piazzas of Valletta. It’s been operating since 1837, and the interior is full of old world elegance. It serves fancy coffees, pastries, desserts and hot food all day long. The prices are higher here than most breakfast places on the island, but you’re paying for the history. If you go, sit inside to soak up the building’s beauty.

Lot 61

If you’re looking for a quick well-made coffee to take with you as you explore, Lot 61 is perfection. They serve all the standards and make a great espresso drink. They also have a few pastry options if you need a bite!

brunch in Valletta, Malta


If you’re craving brunch, Kingsway is the best! They have an indulgent brunch menu with names as titles and enough variety to make everyone happy. I loved the Queen (essentially avocado toast with great extras on top), and the King was the most decadent: a Maltese take on chicken and waffles with confit rabbit instead of chicken! It was so so good.


Yard 32

If you’re a gin lover, head to Yard 32! It has a massive selection of gin from all over the world. They have a gin & tonic menu or you can choose your combinations. Their gin cocktail menu also tells the story of each drink’s name or history! They do offer some non-gin options, both cocktails and a few beer & wine options.

Cocktail bars in Valletta, Malta

The Bridge Bar

The Bridge Bar is a bit of an institution! They host live jazz every Friday night, and everyone comes out. When the tables fill up, guests spread over the nearby steps – it sounds weird, but it’s so much part of the atmosphere that it’s fun. The prices are decent and they have charcuterie as well as drinks. It’s cash only, so come prepared!

Fat City Bar

Fat City Bar is a fun cocktail bar with an eclectic feel! It’s a great spot for a nightcap. Have a drink inside and enjoy the fusion of Grandma’s sitting room meets modern funky, or sit outside and people-watch. My favorite drink was the rose and basil gimlet: light and refreshing to end the night. It’s currently temporarily closed, but when they reopen it’s worth checking out!

Best local restaurants in Valletta, Malta

Want more ideas for Valletta restaurants? I’ve put together bigger guides to Malta on Thatch! It has more restaurants in Valletta, as well as several in Sliema just across the bay, and a few speakeasy-style places nearby. You can grab my full restaurant guide, guide to Valletta, or master guide to Malta – whatever fits your next trip!

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