The Best Verona Restaurants & Bars

In a city known for romance and charm, don’t skimp on the food! These are a few of my favorite Verona restaurants and bars.

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Because no getaway is complete without great meals (especially in Italy!), here are some of the best Verona restaurants. I’ve already gathered up my top tips for planning your time in the city, so check that if you need help deciding if Verona is a day trip or an overnight.

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Local Dishes & Drinks In Verona

Risotto all’amarone is possibly my favorite local Veronese dish. Risotto is cooked with Amarone wine and usually topped with just a bit of creamy cheese. It’s incredible, and you’ll have trouble not licking the plate!

If you’re willing to go outside your comfort zone protein-wise, you’ll find so many great options! Horse and donkey hold their own on Veronese menus. If you get one of them in a ragu, it’s indistinguishable from beef, but I recommend ordering a steak or slow-cooked version to really taste the meat. One of the most popular preparations is called Pastissada de Caval, cooked low and slow with herbs and served alongside polenta.

Don’t skimp on the local wine! The neighboring Valpolicella wine region is one of the best in the country. If you like reds, definitely have an Amarone, nicknamed “the king of wines.” If whites are your thing, try a Soave for a unique taste or Lugana from the Lake Garda area.

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The Best Verona Restaurants

Trattoria La Molinara is my number one recommendation for Verona restaurants! The menu is packed with traditional dishes, so this is the place to get adventurous and try horse or donkey. La Molinara is a small spot loved by locals, so reservations are a must, even for lunch.

Ristorante Greppia is a great choice for Veronese food! It’s also a larger restaurant, meaning you’re more likely to get in without a reservation. Be sure to ask for a local recommendation from the staff. While there, I tried fried calf brains! They tasted exactly how you’re picturing, so we didn’t finish them. But the waiter was proud of us for trying them!

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L’Oste Scuro is the number one spot to go for seafood! I highly recommend for fish! It’s a few blocks from the Arena and practically across the street from the Castelvecchio, making it an easy spot if you’re out exploring. Take note that their menu is pretty much only seafood, so if you prefer land proteins skip this one.

Santa Felicita Ristorante offers modern food in a decommissioned church! It’s kind of a funky mix of decor (ultramodern trimmings in a classic church) and the food was good. The crowd favorite is the charcuterie/prosciutto appetizer, which is presented in a fun unique way.

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Antico Panificio Forti is good if you want a quick breakfast or snack. They’re a bakery serving the most amazing focaccia! There’s nothing so lovely as munching fresh focaccia while staring up at all the charming architecture. But note that they don’t serve, coffee, just bread!

Caffe Scala is my current favorite for coffee! It’s centrally located and just off the main street, so easy to pop in for caffeine and pastry. The revolving door of locals is always a good sign too.

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The Best Verona Bars

In Italy, apertivo means a pre-dinner drink. The most classic drink is a spritz aperol, but think of it like a happy hour: anything goes! Italians always eat with drinks, so apertivi often come with snacks. Verona is one of those cities where these get pretty extensive, meaning you can sometimes call it a light dinner. We even have a word for it: apericena!

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Dal Zovo Wine Bar was just lovely. It’s right next to the Castelvecchio and bridge, so you may assume it’s touristy. Not at all! It’s full of locals getting a drink with friends after work. They have a great wine list, especially for local options. 

Osteria del Bugiardo is a great spot for apertivi & dinner! While it does serve a few hot dishes, it’s celebrated most as a place for drinks and antipasti, or appetizers. It’s open all day, so it’s also a good light lunch or midafternoon snack option.

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Osteria Caffe Monte Baldo is another local favorite for apericena! Heavy appetizers for dinner makes for a great local experience, and Monte Baldo has great options.

The Soda Jerk sits on the opposite end of the spectrum from the classic apertivo bar, but is worth a visit! It’s a craft cocktail bar serving beautiful, delicious, and tasty drinks. It’s a good spot for a nice cocktail to start or end the night!

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