Beyond Vaduz: Outdoor Liechtenstein and More

Lichtenstein is more than just Vaduz! Here’s everything you need to know to experience the best of outdoor Liechtenstein, even without a car!

Explore Liechtenstein without a car!

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Most people spend a day in Vaduz and check off the whole country. But there’s so much more! Outdoor Liechtenstein is gorgeous and easy to access without a car.

How long do I need in Liechtenstein?

Particularly when planning a multi-city trip, figuring out how long to give each location is key. You can do Liechtenstein in a day, especially if you’re not into hiking. Most people go that route. However, if you’re looking for a slower travel pace, give it two or three days. Here’s the breakdown to help you decide.

Liechtenstein outdoors, even without a car

If you have one day: 

Explore Vaduz and get an overview of the culture, history, and fun of Liechtenstein! I’ve already shared all the details of the best day in Vaduz.

If you have two days:

Make the second day for outdoor Liechtenstein! Keep reading for my favorite hiking and walking areas, or something a little more unique! 😉 You don’t need a car for this, though it would make it easier.

If you have three days:

Use the third day to explore the smaller towns in northern Liechtenstein! They’re pretty sleepy villages, but cute for a relaxing day exploring. Again, car is optional here.

Triesenberg, Liechtenstein sunset views mountains Rhine

A note about the off-season: 

Liechtenstein is off the typical tourist circuit enough that visiting off-season makes a huge difference. Going in early October will mean a lot of restaurants or activities close in the evenings. Like many German-speaking countries, most things are closed on Sundays all year round! So if you’re planning a multi-country trip, avoid Liechtenstein on Sundays. 

That said, Sunday is great for hiking! And I’ve included a restaurant that’s open for dinner on Sundays in my Vaduz guide.

Liechtenstein views from the mountains!

How to Get to and Around Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is ideal as part of a road trip! Imagine winding your way through the Swiss Alps, Austria, and Germany with the flexibility of a car to explore the countryside.

It’s tiny enough that there aren’t any airports or train stations, but getting to Liechtenstein is still doable without a car. It’s easiest from Zurich: take a train to Sargans, and then a bus from there to Vaduz.

Liechtenstein mountains

Within Liechtenstein, getting around without a car is a breeze. The local bus system is reliable and runs to many of the major areas every half hour! Unlimited fares throughout the country are included in the Adventure Card. If you don’t have an adventure card, buy tickets online or through the app.

Make sure you note how late they run – there isn’t much nightlife in Liechtenstein, so the buses tend to stop early.

Liechtenstein best trails

Liechtenstein Hotels

My recommendation is to stay in Vaduz. It’s the easiest without a car, and even if you do have a car, it’s nice to be able to walk to most of the restaurants and museums!

Landhaus am Giessen was a great small hotel in Vaduz. It’s full of personal touches, locally made products, and a great breakfast included. It’s an 8-minute walk to the main town square, making it easy to explore!

If you’re looking for something inexpensive, try Jugenderberge Schaan-Vaduz. It’s the country’s only hostel and has great prices in an otherwise expensive country. It’s situated in Schaan, one of the bigger towns in Liechtenstein and just next door to Vaduz.

Lichtenstein is more than just Vaduz! Here's everything you need to know to experience the best of outdoor Liechtenstein, even without a car!

Looking for something more original? Try one of these:

Hotel Oberland and Hotel Gorfion are still in small towns but have more of that alpine feel.

If you want to try your hand at glamping, head to Llama & Alpakahof Triesenberg! So cozy and with that same insane view.

If you’d prefer to stay in the northern part of the country, go to Hotel Restaurant Weinstube.

Liechtenstein outdoor views Triesenberg

Outdoor Liechtenstein

Being tucked between Switzerland and Austria guarantees that Liechtenstein has great hiking!

As a small country, you can hike the whole thing in one route! The Liechtenstein Trail covers 75km through all 11 municipalities. There’s an accompanying app that gives history, cultural, and ecological info as you go! The trail goes through many of the towns, meaning you can pick it up straight from your hotel if you want to check out a piece of it.

Hiking the mountains of Liechtenstein, even without a car!

If you’re aiming for something doable in a day, my advice is to head up to Malbun and take the Sareis chairlift up to the top to hike along the peaks! This trail gives gorgeous views with varying skill options. You can even opt to ride the chairlift up and hike back down.

Another fun activity is to walk with llamas and alpacas! It’s a fun unique way to explore outdoor Liechtenstein. They’re based outside Triesenberg, and you can get there by bus. Just make sure to book in advance!

Liechtenstein mountain views

More Liechtenstein Towns to Explore

Triesenberg is a smaller town halfway up the mountains. It has a few good restaurants and hotels, as well as a museum about village life in Liechtenstein. If you stop here, go to the Walser Museum to see a bit of historic village life in Liechtenstein and then eat on the terrace at Restaurant Kainer!

As I mentioned earlier, Malbun is good for outdoor sports. It’s a big ski town in winter, but also makes for great hiking. While you’re up there, stop at Bergrestaurant Sareis for a great mountain lunch. My favorite was the rosti options, but they also had a good schnitzel and burger!

mountain lunch in Liechtenstein

Schellenberg sits in the northern part of the country and has two castle ruins you can explore! Obere burg and Untere Berg are both ruined fortresses from the 11th century. If you only have time for one, visit Obereburg. While you’re there, go eat at Wirtschaft zum Lowen and check out the Farmhouse museum*!

outdoor Liechtenstein - hiking and more!

Want more tips for outdoor Liechtenstein? Get my Liechtenstein Master List for all of this and more in an easy-to-use interactive guide on your phone! The Thatch app is how I plan all my own travel, making it as easy as Google Maps but smoother and more customizable!

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