Introducing the bridal shower suite!

I am so excited to share a project with you I’ve been working on for weeks now. I’ve put together a bridal shower suite: it’s the perfect way to make hosting a wedding shower effortless!

Think of it as a bridal shower in a box. This kit includes everything you need for a fun, beautiful bridal shower without having to shop around at 5932758 stores to get everything! Seriously, all you need add is food, gifts and a few personalizing touches for one of the games. And of course, a bride!

Bridal shower kit suite

Bridal shower kit suite

Each bridal shower suite includes:

Bridal shower kit suite invitations

Bridal shower kit suite banner

Everything is handmade and put together just for your party! That means if you want to tweak the color scheme or foil accents, it’s easily doable! Also, while I describe this as a bridal shower in a box, all the pieces would work for a couple shower as well.

Right now, I’ve made two different suites. The first has an artistic dot theme cascading down the side, and ties together beautifully with the circular banner and dot garlands. The second is a graphic “she said yes” in elegant script, which I suggest carrying over into the banner with a message of “she said yes” as well!

To see more specifics of the kit, click here for the dot suite and here for the she said yes suite.

Bridal shower kit suite invitation

Bridal shower kit suite banner

You can also purchase each of these pieces a la carte if you’re interested in one particular piece: click the links on each of the bulleted list above for a direct link.

As always, everything I make is customizable. If this gets you inspired but you want something a little different, let me know and we can make something together!

Bridal shower kit suite favor boxes

Bridal shower kit suite

Which suite do you like better? Let me know in the comments below!

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