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Introducing #TriangleTuesdays, and a taste!

Well friends, I’ve decided that Tuesdays are officially becoming Triangle Tuesdays! It works well because I’m probably doing most of these shenanigans on the weekends, so that gives me something interesting to cover early each week! So every Tuesday I’m going to try and update on one thing I’ve checked off the bucket list.

Coffee and ambiance at Caffe Driade Teaspoon of NoseAs promised, this week we’re exploring Caffe Driade! I went by recently on a cold bright day with several friends. I’m really glad I went with friends, because it’s the kind of place that perfect for lingering over a tasty drink while chatting.

Driade has a bunch of outdoor seating – it’s actually one of their biggest draws. In college, I loved to go after dark and drink tea on one of their back decks strung with twinkly lights and surrounded by woods. It feels like you’re in a different world, away from real life. So I highly recommend checking it out at night, when its warm enough to sit outside.

I went with four friends, and our orders were pretty spread out: a mocha, two lattes, a tea Coffee and ambiance at Caffe Driade Teaspoon of Noseand a coffee. The coffee was mine – as we walked in, the smell of delicious coffee beans was so present that I knew that’s what I had to get. It was so good. My only complaint was that they only had Splenda for sweeteners, and I’m a regular sugar kind of girl, so that wasn’t my favorite. But the coffee was still a big win. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their drinks – I’m a sucker for espresso drinks being pretty, and these were no exception. Their tea selection is pretty extensive, which I appreciate. Also, most of the drinks are served in bowls, which was such a fun touch.

Coffee and ambiance at Caffe Driade Teaspoon of Nose
getting artsy with all these beautiful drinks!

Coffee and ambiance at Caffe Driade Teaspoon of NoseThere’s not much seating indoors, which is why the outdoor space is so clutch.It can get pretty crowded. The have an enclosed patio area with heaters, which is where we sat on our Saturday morning hangout. They’ve thought through winter seating, but again, a Caffe Driade experience is at its best in the warmer months when you can sit outside.

Driade usually has a bunch of pastry options, but I’ve never gotten anything to eat there.I’m also told they have a decent wine collection for those evening visits, but their coffee and tea drinks are so good I haven’t branched out!

Coffee and ambiance at Caffe Driade Teaspoon of Nose
pastry selction

In short: a great Chapel Hill coffee shop. A little off the beaten path (literally: it’s hard to see where it is if you haven’t been before), but cute and a good vibe for relaxing with friends. Definitely worth checking out.

What’s your favorite place to catch up with friends on a weekend morning? Where should I go next? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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