My Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree!

I love Christmas. I love the celebrating, the way people come together, the big things it means to me as Christ follower, the giving of gifts, the music, the food. And of course the decorations.

I’m typically one of those who gets their tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, just to get to enjoy it as long as possible. Having the tree up means I’m practically guaranteed to be hanging out in our living room as much as humanly possible.

I think they’re something especially cozy about Christmas trees at night. It’s my favorite time of day to sit next to it, Christmas music in the background and a cup of tea in hand.

One tradition we started when we got married is to buy an ornament at the various places we’ve traveled to. It started on our honeymoon (Maui – sand dollar above!), but every year we get to add a couple new baubles to the tree and I love it. It’s been a great way to reminisce over the adventures of the year. Our newest addition came from a wedding last weekend. Isn’t that a great favor idea for a winter wedding???

What does your Christmas tree look like? Any favorite ornaments?

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