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Triangle Tuesday: Eno River State Park

At Eno River State Park in Durham, NC for #triangletuesday #TrianglebucketlistFor this week’s Triangle Bucket List adventure, we’re moving away from the food and drink department and into some more active adventures!

Recently I went for a rainy hike at Eno River State Park. The park is actually pretty big with lots of trails crisscrossing each other, so we just did one area. We parked near the Piper-Cox house, off Cole Mill Road.

At Eno River State Park in Durham, NC for #triangletuesday #TrianglebucketlistWe hiked the Holden Mill Trail, which was a 2.6 mile loop with a random spur at the end. A lot of it was along the river, which was gorgeous. For some of it we scrambled over massive rocks, which was slippery at times but it kept things interesting!

There was also an old rock structure halfway through the trail – one side of the loop went above it and the other side went through it. We wished we knew more about the building! Based on the trail name, its a mill, but that’s about all I know.

At Eno River State Park in Durham, NC for #triangletuesday #TrianglebucketlistThroughout, the trail was absolutely beautiful. I love North Carolina woods, especially now that spring has really hit. Everything is lush and green, and the drizzle gave everything a peaceful feel. We saw a bunch of birds, but that was it on the wildlife front.

Since it was drizzling when we arrived and pretty much rained the whole time, we didn’t see many other people. But it wasn’t too cold and under the tree canopy we stayed pretty dry.

On a warm sunny day, there’s lots of At Eno River State Park in Durham, NC for #triangletuesday #Trianglebucketlistwater-related options as well: creeking, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. It would be a great place to hike and bring a picnic. I’m looking forward to going back when the sun is shining, but no regrets on our rainy weekend hike!

all photos original to Teaspoon of Nose

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