By the Numbers: Europe

As a teaser for more on our recent trip to Europe, here’s a look at some of our trip statistics!

Our Europe trip, by the numbers!

  • Locations visited: 14
  • Nights gone: 30
  • Most steps in one day: 26,351
  • Steps down to the train station in Corniglia, Cinque Terre: 387
  • Time we climbed them in 48 hours: 6
  • Pokemon go players spotted: at least 50
  • Times Logan drove with a local In the car, shouting directions in Italian: 1
  • Nights we spent without air conditioning: 23
  • Nights this was an issue: 3
  • Times Emma ate pasta: 18
  • Times Logan ate pizza: 21
  • Km driven: 3000+
  • Times offered a selfie stick by a street hawker: 28,472
  • Showers with curtains: 2
  • Gelati flavors tasted: 12
  • Modes of transportation: 7
  • Times jumped off a mountain : 1
  • Steps up the duomo: 468
  • Time Emma spent speaking French in Italy or Italian in France: 24 hours after crossing each border
  • Lost luggage: 0
  • Longest time (in days) in any one city: 4
  • Days started with pastries: 27
  • Borders crossed: 8
  • Times we were asked to see our passports when driving across borders: 0
  • Photos taken: 7,525

Our Europe trip, by the numbers!

In conclusion, we had a fantastic time. Ate like kings, slept in a lot of different beds, and experienced more a given month than I think I ever have before in that time frame. It’s taken me longer than I expected to organize my thoughts (not to mention edit the photos) but I have so much to share with you!!

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  1. So exciting! Can’t wait to see pics and hear about the details! 😀 I laughed at the idea of you all in a car with Logan shouting directions in Italian. And hey, 23 nights without AC and only 3 of them were problematic? That’s a good record. 🙂

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