Fall Bucket List Check-In

Happy fall!! I hope everyone is enjoying cooler temps, pumpkin carving, and whatever else you do to live it up in autumn. We only just got cooler weather in past week, but I am so glad it finally arrived. How’s your fall bucket list going?

How's your fall bucket list going? | Teaspoon of Nose

You can see my full fall bucket list here, but here’s the progress I’ve made so far:

  • Host my parents next weekend for the Altus Air ShowWe had a fantastic time and I was so glad to show them a bit of my home!! You can see more of the air show here.
  • Make pumpkin cookies and butternut squash soupLoving these fall foods! I’ve yet to attempt macarons or mulled wine, but I’ve been giving the frosted pumpkin cookies all over the place and so far they’ve gotten a big thumbs up!
Want to learn more about the Air Force? Check out the Altus air show, Air Power Over Altus! | Teaspoon of Nose
The Altus Air Show was a blast!
  • Our Mexican vacation family reunion: We’re on vacation right now!!
  • Start running with Wedge: Started, yes! I’m a hot mess on the fitness train in general, but trying to be more consistent. Results of running with him so far include: he’s incapable of running in a straight line and a 10 minute run does more to tire him out than a 30 minute walk.
  • Read Lonely Planet’s Travel Writing, The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis and Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist: It’s no surprise, but I absolutely LOVED Present Over Perfect. I’m really relating to her desperate need to choose slowness and real life over frantic checking off the to do list and saying yes because it’s easier than saying no.
How's your fall bucket list going? | Teaspoon of Nose
Taking Wedge to go running!
  • Host a football game day party. Didn’t host, but we have watched several football games with friends. I’ve been working a bunch of weekends so it’s been hard to do weekend fun.
  • Make a 2016 scrapbook: I’ve started! Let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure I won’t finish it before Thanksgiving. But I’m making progress, and it’s one of my favorite projects to make!
  • Take my camera out to photograph something weekly. I haven’t been as intentional with this as I’d like. I am trying to take my camera with us when we go out and because of that I’ve happened to take photos nearly every week. But hoping to do more of this once we’re back from vacation.
How's your fall bucket list going? | Teaspoon of Nose
This is what fall looks like so far in southwest Oklahoma.

As usual, I had grand schemes of being super proactive and doing ALL THE THINGS, and I haven’t made quite as much progress and I thought I might. But these things are meant to be fun so I’m not as concerned about completing the whole list.

How’s your fall bucket list going? I’d love to hear what you’ve done in the comments below!!

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10 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List Check-In

  1. Such a great idea to have a bucket list for all seasons, it helps keep track of things that we might miss sometimes. I am going to try and photograph nature this season.

    1. I love photography – it’s so nice to be able to look back at our great memories, or at the world around us. I’d love to see some of your nature shots!

  2. oh sounds like an eventful time for you. THOSE COOKIES. TO DIE FOR… I am saving that for later after my diet. I really just have food on my bucket list haha

    1. Seriously! Food and travel are my main bucket list things… and other things that let me eat more food and travel more, haha!

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