Thoughts from my first time in first class

On a recent trip for work, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fly first class. It was a 7 hour flight, so I really got to take advantage of many of the amenities offered by flying in style. We flew US Airways on a newer plane, and I must admit, I found it difficult at times to act like a grown up traveling on business when internally, I was freaking out about all the fun parts of such a lovely flight.

Thoughts from my first time flying first class!
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So in no particular order, here’s the random thoughts from my flight:

  • OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO NICE.Thoughts from my first time flying first class!
  • The flight attendants were definitely nicer. Not like they’re mean usually, but in first class there’s more of an emphasis on cheerful service?
  • So. Much. Legroom. I actually have to unbuckle my seat belt to reach my bag in the compartment in front of me.
  • Champagne as everyone else boards? Yes please!
  • My seat as so many features it comes with an instruction brochure. Wow.
  • I was a bit surprised to realize that the bathrooms are pretty much exactly the same in layout/cramped-ness. Differences: nicer soap, they had lotion too, and there was (I’m not making this up, I promise) a vase-like thing mounted on the wall with a decorative display created with tissues.
  • I FEEL SO FANCY AND IMPORTANT. Everyone keeps checking on me and asking to refresh my drink.

Thoughts from my first time flying first class!

  • Wait they just brought me a dish of nuts and snacks in a metallic dish. Forget plastic baggies of peanuts, we are using real dishes up in here.
  • Wait, this is an overnight flight. Why would I sleep when there’s so much entertainment and food and amenities to enjoy???
  • Oh right, because I have to be fully functioning tomorrow.
  • Plus, I have this fancy seat that can fully recline.
  • Thoughts from my first time flying first class!There’s a pack of travel-sized necessities with things like ear plugs, toothbrush, deodorant and eye mask.
  • Talk about privacy: I cannot actually see any other passengers. That’s pretty fantastic.
  • Whoa, this menu is legit. A three-course meal with choices for each course, AND I can get multiple options per course!
  • Dang, it’s really too bad I just ate dinner in the terminal. Don’t eat dinner before long flights when in first class.
  • I better order some things anyway, because this food looks too good to pass up.
  • THERE ARE MINI VERSIONS OF EVERYTHING. EVEN SALAD DRESSING. THIS IS ADORABLE.Thoughts from my first time flying first class!
  • This food is WAY better than the food in coach. Definitely gourmet here.
  • How will I sleep when I can just keep watching movies and getting delicious snacks??
  • The 45 different movies to choose from is almost overwhelming. But hey, I’ll suffer though it somehow.
  • Thoughts from my first time flying first class!Pitch Perfect 2 and champagne while snuggled up in my reclining seat (complete with blanket big enough to cover me!) = allll riiiight.
  • Still hard to sleep more than 2 hours on a plane. I’m not a good flight sleeper, only a flight-snoozer.
  • Wait, we get breakfast too?!? Why do I ever not fly first class??? [I know the answer to this. I don’t have barrels of money lying around. But that thought definitely crossed my mind.]
Thoughts from my first time flying first class!
Nothing beats the view from an airplane.

All in all, first class = fancy. I’m more of a budget traveler and don’t expect to be repeating that experience anytime soon, but it was quite an eye-opening experience to try it out!

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