Girls’ Weekend in D.C.!

This past weekend, a bunch of college girlfriends and I converged on Washington D.C.! My best friend Laura lives there now, rocking it as an attorney. Over time, several of us decided that a girls’ weekend meeting in the middle was a must!

A snowy girls' weekend in Washington D.C. | Teaspoon of Nose

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The irony of doing a “travel” post on this one is that we did few touristy or even review-able things. In a lot of ways, we could’ve been in any of our towns, or back at college. {So let’s chalk this entry up to getting more writing on the blog, k?}

There was lots of lounging around together, sharing crazy work stories, and hearing about everyone’s families and significant others, accompanied by wine, junk food, and laughter. Being with these women for a whole weekend was a much needed respite from everyday life!

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All of us! 

On Friday evening, we went out to dinner at Commissary in Logan’s Circle. Good vibe, great service, and we were seated almost immediately even though we arrived a little before our reservation. One of the things I appreciated with was its menu had lots of different price points and categories of food – always a plus when getting a big group together. I had the burger and it was DELICIOUS. I’m not sure if this place is known for its burgers, but it was perfectly cooked (medium-rare) and deliciously seasoned. Side of fries (I was feeling pretty unadventurous by my normal standards). We all shared a bottle of delicious Tempranillo that was enjoyed all around. After dinner we explored the local nightlife courtesy of Corbin, who always knows where to go: what’s the new thing, which bars are behind unmarked doors, what places are supposedly run by the Russian mafia. Caviar was involved. Enough said.

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Obligatory Metro selfie

The next morning we woke up to snow! I’m still five years old at heart and absolutely love snow. It was perfect to drink coffee and watch the snow, lounging around with everyone. What’s more, while driving looked dicey the joy of being in D.C. was that we could walk to lots of delicious lunch options! We headed to The Coupe, which apparently is known for its breakfast options, and it was excellent.The menu had all the classic breakfast options – pancakes, waffles, eggs and toast, etc –  as well as some more unique things, like Tunisian baked eggs.  I had the eggs benedict – it’s my favorite breakfast of all time, hard for me to stray from that – but everyone really loved theirs. Bonus: their coffee is served with animal crackers. Adorable.

That afternoon we headed to the National Geographic Museum: between all of us, we’d done a lot of the traditional D.C. things and wanted to try something new. I think I expected it to be largely a photo gallery or something, but it was more like a museum. This is probably because as a little kid I loved National Geographic magazines for the photographs, but admittedly they also had stellar articles that I didn’t know how to read. The exhibits were cool; one  was about Spinosaurus, a dino which they only had one skeleton of in the early 20th century before it was destroyed in WWII and the efforts to find a new one. The second was about food: how we get our food, genetic and technological advances to food production, and world food options. Unfortunately we had to breeze through it, as they were closing early for a “private event,” which we were pretty confident was code for “we want to go home before the snow got any worse.” But it was really fun, and definitely worth checking out again!

The snow really was getting rough though. By the time we made it outside, the buses were running an hour behind schedule, so we caught the Metro That night we cooked dinner and stayed in: we’d had enough of the cold and waiting in line for things. So an evening of home cooked food and laughter was just what we needed. We’d planned on watching a movie, but had so much fun just catching up that by the time talk turned to what movie, we were too sleepy to watch anything!

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Sunday morning started the same as Saturday, except the snow was melting instead of falling. In case you haven’t picked up on the theme, the catching up with girlfriends was the refrain of this trip. Before heading out, we went to a place called Cava Mezze Grill – it’s a Chipotle-style Mediterranean restaurant. Simple menu, lots of fresh veggies, and it was SO DANG GOOD. Seriously, Cava if you’re reading this, come to NC! I would eat there weekly if there was one locally.

In short, a great weekend. We didn’t take full advantage of the city, but the main event of a friends’ weekend should always be the friends, and we definitely succeeded there.

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