Goals: October

Happy October! We’re currently in Alabama visiting our friends Lindsay and John!

goals for October!
Hiking Monte Sano! Wild goats were involved.

Can pre-transition transition be a thing? Because that’s what September has felt like. We’ve finished up the main elements of what has made up our lives the past few years – law school is finally over, we’re both currently unemployed, we’ve even given up most of our furniture already! – but haven’t yet gotten to say “go!” on the next phase.

How did I do this month, goal-wise?

  • Read 6 books – check! Including what was probably one of my favorite fiction books ever, The Night Circus. I loved it!
  • Write 8 blog posts – Yes. Posts are taking longer than they usually do, because compressing our travel adventures (and getting the photos down to a reasonable number to share) takes more time! But it’s definitely been fun to have more free to time to devote to it! #unemployedlife
  • Use up pantry supplies – Making a dent, slowly. Between the traveling and making last stops at our favorite local restaurants, we’ve eaten at home less than usual. But we’re chipping away!
  • Purge stuff – Oh goodness gracious this takes forever. But yes, progress. I’ve taken two carfuls of stuff to donate, and now we’re beginning to go through the attic.
  • Most (not all) editing Europe photos – Ha! This was a bit ambitious. I’m far from finished, but I have gone from 7500 photos to just over 2000. I’m basically done with Italy photos!
  • See lots of friends! – Trying to squeeze in as many social events as possible. Got to soak up my NC people!
  • Watch a lot of movies – We’ve officially finished Stranger Things. (I have mixed feelings about it. Let’s chat.) I got it into my head that I wanted to watch all the Harry Potters and James Bonds. We’re 4/8 and 4/26 respectively, so we’ve got a ways to go.
We’ll miss the Blue Ridge mountains! 

This time is definitely a gift though: we’ve been able to see friends, visit family, head to some favorite restaurants and old haunts around town, and get ready to move in a non-frenzied speed.

September girls’ weekend!

So… setting goals for the next month seems
complicated. Here’s my best attempt:

  • Read 6 books
  • Write 8 blog posts
  • Finish editing Europe photos
  • Celebrate our wedding anniversary!
  • Move, if at all possible
  • Find housing for our next location
  • Continue to get time with friends & family!

I’m going to be nice to myself this month and not set too many to-do items. Goodness knows there’s enough unpredictability happening, so we’ll just see what happens.

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  1. Good job, Emma! It’s crazy how editing photos can just eat up time, and purging items can just be exhausting. I’m so glad to hear you liked The Night Circus! I heard rave reviews about it when it was first released a couple years ago, and ever since then I’ve always heard good things about it from those who have read it. Okay, okay, I might need to actually get around to reading it next month… 😀 Good luck with your October goals!

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