Goals: July


Getting ready for Taylor's wedding!
getting ready for Taylor’s wedding

Summer’s in full swing! June held two weddings,
one bachelorette weekend, and lots of quick work trips, so I feel like I barely saw my apartment this month. This past weekend one of my college roommates got married and it was an honor to stand with her and an absolute blast to celebrate with so many wonderful people!

Let’s look back at June’s goals:

  • read 5 books – a slow start, but just barely slipped this one in. One book I started last month is over 500 pages, so making slow-and-steady pace here but that’s why my usual zipping through books slowed to a crawl.
  • write six blog posts – check! I even managed to get a bit ahead on my posting schedule. I’m trying to work ahead so I’ve got plenty of content to share while I’m in Europe later this summer!
  • workout 4x/week, except when traveling – eh. Not as well as I’d hoped, but I definitely worked out 3x/week, plus some walks. I’m defending it by pointing out I traveled for 1-2 nights a week almost every week this month for work. Also, I’m totally counting last weekend’s dancing at a wedding as one of my workouts. Not sorry.
  • two friend dates – this went better than I thought, because I had more than two! As my time frame for NC living shortens, I’m trying to make more of an effort to grab time with the people I love around here.
  • celebrate Taylor on her bachelorette weekend! – heck yes we did! Such a blast! Tay is a smart woman and requested a bachelorette weekend that was the perfect mix of fun and chill! More details this month.
  • plan our European adventure: book some hostels, map out itinerary, look for deals! – Thanks to all of you who commented and emailed me!!! So many wonderful thoughts. For some reason, this always seems to fall to the bottom of the to-do list, and I’m not quite as far as I’d hoped on organizing. I’ve yet to book a single accommodation yet. BUT I did make some major progress this month, mostly surrounding the transportation elements. Now I just need to finalize our route/timeline and line up our places to stay!
  • work on French a little from DuoLingo (also for the Europe trip) – working on it. I’ve been doing DuoLingo most days this month (meaning, for 2 minutes a day). Essentially what I’ve learned is that I’m not going to be speaking good French anytime soon. And to drop the final consonant of all the words I attempt.
  • weekly date night (no work talk or studying) – Success! This one makes me so happy, because we struggled with this all through law school and never hit any consistency. But now, even if we have to reschedule it to a different night because I’m working late or out of town, it happened. It’s been so restorative to put this time aside. For an hour and a half, we put aside books and work and try to really be present to each other, over good food that we didn’t have to cook and won’t be cleaning up afterwards. Mostly we talk about our Europe trip. Afterwards, Logan usually has to return to the books, but I’m jazzed up on the excitement of the trip and go hammer out a few more details!
Gorgeous flowers
gorgeous wedding bouquets!

June’s pattern was to turn around blog posts faster. I’m happy to report that while my 72 hour  goal was a little unattainable, I did prioritize getting a rough draft done within that time so everything stayed fresh in my mind.

Looking head to July, here are this month’s goals:

  • read five books
  • write enough on the blog for content while traveling
  • workout 4x/week, except when traveling
  • two friend dates
  • plan European adventure
  • pack!
  • keep working on French from Duolingo
Beautiful mountain sunsets!
there’s nothing like those Blue Ridge Mountain sunsets

July’s pattern feels much more nebulous. This month is one of finishing: I’m drawing some life things to a close (more on that later), Logan takes the bar and puts this phase of life to bed, and we have to nail down some Europe trip details for our trip at the end of the month.

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