Goals: August

Happy August!

The big news is that we’ve made it Paris!! We are So. Dang. Excited.

From here on out, the blog posts this month are prewritten, so forgive me if I don’t respond to comments or questions very quickly!

If you do want to see what we’re doing in real time, be sure to check my instagram accounts (both the blog and personal) for travel shots!

The view from our room is Paris. Not too shabby!

Let’s review how this month went!

  • read five books: check!  I did manage to finish a book I’d chugged through for months, which feels good. An unusual theme of WWII settings; unintentional but interesting given our upcoming adventure!
  • write enough on the blog for content while traveling: done! I’m so excited to share with you one of my favorite drink recipes, a great running trail, and some flashbacks to our Hawaiian honeymoon!
  • workout 4x/week, except when traveling: when life was in a routine, I did. But then this past week was pretty busy and I barely exercised.
  • two friend dates: So much friend fun! Several friend dates, including a couple in Raleigh while Logan took the bar exam. My friends threw a finishing jobs/moving party for two of us who are transitioning out of the Triangle soon. I also had my friend Sage stay with me for Laura’s wedding! Lots of much-needed friend love.
  • plan European adventure: Better hope so, because here we are! But seriously – I booked all our housing in advance (a big load off my mind), and did some research on what we want to do. I’m pumped to try y’all’s suggestions on restaurants too!!
  • pack: hope I brought everything, haha. But seriously, I’m pretty low maintenance, so I’m sure whatever we forgot, we can pick up along the way.
  • keep working on French from Duolingo:  small things done daily seem to work for me lately. I did this every day this month!!!

Family times in Florida!
July’s pattern of finishing went swimmingly. I finished my job and Logan finished studying and took the bar. Stuff got done!

So August is a bit of an anomaly: I’m not setting specific goals so much, because we’re headed to Europe for the month!!! So goals roughly include:

  • have a fantastic adventure
  • make up for three years of sharing Logan with law school
  • take approximately 5784292 photos


Coffeeshop sipping, European dreaming.

Alright, August! Let’s do this!

Hilton Head 15
Exploring ruins from a trip to South Carolina earlier this month!

all photos copyright Teaspoon of Nose

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