Goals: January

Has everyone recovered from their festivities? Our holiday has been a good mix of seeing people and binge watching TV. Logan started building us a kitchen table, which I’m over the moon about. Mostly I’m just staying out of the way until it’s time to stain.

Great hiking is just a few miles away! Quartz Mountain, OK
Excited to do more hiking this January!

I’m pretty proud of what got done in December, mostly because I managed to ship gifts back to NC in time for Christmas. Gotta keep those priorities in order, folks. But as far as goals that were on my list, I did pretty well:

  • Write 10 blog posts: So much writing got done! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t have a nine to five. I’m excited for lots of great stuff to share with you in the next few months, including more from our trip to Europe!
  • Read 7 books: Check! Pretty sure the number read in 2016 is an all-time high for me. Recommendations are always welcome!!
  • Exercise 4x/week: I’m counting it. I did it, with the exception of this past week, but that’s a major holiday week, so it doesn’t count. Having one car has helped: it forces me to walk to things, or walk to drop the car off at Logan’s office, or walk if I need to get out of the house. I’ve gotten a gym routine for the most part (aka not during Christmas) which makes a I will NEVER get tired of Christmas treesbig difference.
  • Have some people over for dinner at least once: I’m happy to share that we’re meeting some awesome people! We’ve hosted a couple times and been to others’ homes several times this month. Looking forward to more of this!
  • Celebrate Christmas: Yes! This was our first Christmas living far enough that we didn’t see parents and siblings during the holiday season, so of course we missed our people. But we had a great time here, complete with new friends and Christmas Eve chocolate fondue. A new tradition, perhaps?

I’m 100% one of those people who loves the fresh start that comes from the new year. January holds all the promise of a clean slate, of a turning towards new habits and refocusing on what matters. I shared my dreams for 2017 a few days ago, with the promise that monthly goals would be more specific. So here’s what I’m aiming for in January:

  • Host my brother in Oklahoma! Our first guest!
  • Write 7 blog posts
  • Read 8 books
  • Exercise 4x/week
  • Research kitchen chairs
  • Weekly date night with Logan
  • Figure out travel plans for the spring
  • Have more crafty fun

2017, here we go!

I’m excited to get going on 2017! What are you most excited about for the new year?

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