Goals: June

Welcome to summer! Here in Oklahoma we’ve moved into the days of 90+ degree days already, so I don’t care what the official calendar says. We filled our long weekend with time with friends, lake time, and even got a surprise invitation to try out the C-17 flight simulator! That was incredibly cool. Now I can say I’ve flown a plane, right?

German Shepherd Cute sleeping puppy

May was one of those months that I blinked and realized it’s gone, and looking back I can’t quite put my finger on where it went. Logan promoted to captain! We’re training the dog! I’m growing my Etsy shop! We started Whole30! That’s what my focus went to this month.

Captain Myrick promotion
Introducing Captain Myrick!
  • Stock Etsy shop with art prints & invitations – Things continue to grow and I post new options weekly! About 50% of my latest creations come from commissions or suggestions, so if there’s something you’d like to see let me know! There’s a discount in there for you if you inspire me!
  • Train Wedge – This is happening. I forgot how much work puppies are! He’s great, but also doesn’t like leashes and is in that stage where he’s trying to challenge our alpha status. Resources appreciated! But no lectures please, I know training the dog and establish alpha is cubical.
  • Work on Spanish with Rosetta Stone 2x/week – Check! Its really fun, but so slow. I really should give more time to this.
  • Read 7 books – Yes! This may have been more achievable since we spent a WHOLE WEEK without wifi at home. Small town life.
  • Write 9 blog posts – You got it! Several things to look forward to this month, like local Altus events and a look at some of my custom creations!
  • Exercise 5x/week – Yes, in the form of extensive walks. Tired puppy = quieter puppy, so I spend so much time walking him that I’ve pretty much given up on the gym. TBD if this is permanent.

Getting work done in the local coffeeshop!

June looks blessedly quiet on the calendar front, except for an NC wedding! So I’m hoping to work on a few projects I’ve been putting off.

Before that, here’s what I’m trying to accomplish in June:

  • Keep training Wedge, especially leash training
  • Read 7 books
  • Do some much-needed website updates
  • Put together a writing portfolio and write a lot
  • Keep growing my Etsy shop – more listings and more publicity
  • Continue Rosetta Stone Spanish
  • Complete Whole30
  • Get down to inbox zero and clear out some digital clutter!
  • Catch up photo editing
Father's Day Gold Foil Art Deco card
If you need a card for Father’s Day this month, I have a few in the shop for sale!

What are you aiming for this month? Share below – I’d love to hear them and encourage you!

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  1. You have your June cutout for you, and you will stay very busy. That makes it fun, you don’t have to think or get writer’s block.

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