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He’s Not Here

This weekend UNC hosted Homecoming!  Our friends Lucy and Ian organized a game day party, it was so great to get together and cheer on the heels with so many people we love. Plus the Heels won, so it felt like the a perfect send off for our leaving!! So in honor of the weekend I want to share another Franklin Street favorite: He’s Not Here!

If you asked a Carolina student to name the bar that most connects with students, odds are they’d pick He’s Not Here.

At first glance, it’s not much: a big outdoor space with picnic tables and corn hole, and a dark grungy inside that only sees students when its raining. A dive, for sure. But it’s our dive, and Carolina students & alums can’t get enough of this place. It’s casual, it’s low key, and that atmosphere makes it endearing.

This way to He's Not Here!

Their blue cups have become the stuff of legend, so much so that the GAA has been known to ship them around the country for Tar Heel viewing parties!! I love that and I’m looking forward to attending those parties myself soon!

The cups are so big that you only need one, and like stadium cups, they’ve become a collector’s items in Tar Heel households. You’d better believe we kept ours after this most recent visit. 🙂

This way to He's Not Here!

This way to He's Not Here!

There’s several stories surrounding the name, but essentially people would call looking for the owners or UNC athletes, prompting the automatic “He’s Not Here.” Eventually, the name stuck.

My friends and I gravitated here when we wanted to sit outside and soak up the summer nights or fall evenings that make you feel so alive. It’s the type of place where you can show up in your gym clothes and no one cares.

This way to He's Not Here!

This way to He's Not Here!

Plus this mural covers the back, so you can’t miss it just for that! It’s especially fun after a Carolina victory – celebrate with Heels from all walks of life!

If you’re on Franklin Street, have a blue cup for me!

This way to He's Not Here!

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