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Italian Pizzeria 3

Do you want really good pizza? As in classic Napoli-style cheesy goodness?

When Logan and I made our final list of the last few Triangle Bucket List places to visit one more time before we move, IP3 hit the top of his list.

Getting classic Napoli pizza at IP3!

Getting classic Napoli pizza at IP3!

Yes, it’s name is Italian Pizzeria 3. I have no idea where Italian Pizzerias 1 and 2 are, but they’re not in Chapel Hill.

IP3 is a no frills, legit Italian pizza place. Don’t come here looking for anything artisanal, come here for real pizza – the kind that’s best eaten piping hot and oozing cheese and served with a beer.

So that’s what we did! They often run a pizza/pitcher deal, so we grabbed a classic cheese pizza and chowed down. Crazy toppings are a mostly American love: it’s not traditional in Italy, so since this place is run by a family from Naples, we decided to follow their lead.

They also have a regularly changing array of pasta dishes that are worth looking into, but I’ve always gone the pizza route here!

Getting classic Napoli pizza at IP3!

Getting classic Napoli pizza at IP3!

When you walk in, you immediately know the owners love 3 things: pizza, Carolina athletics, and European football. One wall is lined with souvenirs and posters from the  Napoli or Italia football teams and the others displays UNC team posters, signed jerseys, and famous game photos. It’s a great place to catch a game if you’re looking for a high energy crowd!


Even after eating pizza in Italy for 2 weeks straight, Logan declared this place better than any he had abroad! You better the believe the staff loved hearing him say that. 🙂

Getting classic Napoli pizza at IP3!

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