Life lately: Oklahoma edition

Since we’ve been in Oklahoma for a few weeks now, I wanted to share a bit!

We really like living on base. We’re a half mile from Logan’s work, which means we’re doing the one car thing. There are also so many resources available within walking distance. I’d always dreamed of living somewhere I can walk to the store, but I never considered that a military base would be the way I get it! I joke with Logan that we live in a gated community now.

It’s very family friendly here. They offer an on-base elementary school and daycare, and I’ve counted at least six playgrounds. Not exaggerating. Plus there’s sidewalks everywhere, so you never have to walk/run in the road.

Living on base is quiet, and I mean quiet. Some days I walk for an hour and don’t see another person walking the whole time. Cars, I see. But people outside of cars, not so much.

Life on base in Oklahoma

What you do see a bunch of is rabbits. I’m not talking the cute little bunnies we had in suburban North Carolina (although I’ve seen those too). We’ve got what can only be described as hares. They’re the size of cats and they’re everywhere. If you’re outside between late afternoon and early morning, you’re guaranteed to see them. They have long black-tipped ears and black tails.

The commissary seems to have a pretty good selection. My favorite surprise is that there’s a couple shelves with British food! Not something you find the average “ethnic foods” section of an American grocery. That being said, I’m currently on the hunt for lentils and fish sauce. I’ll check the Wal-Mart next.

I’m really enjoying the weather so far. Mornings are below freezing, but it’s still getting up to 55-60 in the afternoons, and the brightness of the blue sky is just unbelievable. I can get behind this big sky thing. It’s very windy here, much more than I’m used to. Signs are posted on doors about watching out for them opening with unusual force due to gusts. It’s amplified by the fact that there’s no woods/forests to speak of. Sure, there are trees around, but they’re sparse and nearly always planted.

Life on base in Oklahoma

Logan’s office does a weekly Taco Tuesday at a local mexican place. One of those ones where nobody actually looks at a menu, they just say what they want and it’s always delicious. His coworkers have all been really welcoming, even down to coming to help us unload the U-Haul on our first night in town! They’ve very kindly included me in Taco Tuesdays, and it’s been fun to get to know them and their spouses. Hooray for cool coworker friends!

Our house itself is coming together. I’m practically giddy about having living room furniture that didn’t come out of a men’s college dorm room, and we’re talking about building a kitchen table (read: Logan building, me staining) after Christmas! Maybe I’ll do some kind of home tour here soon, to give you more of a feel of our place. Would that be something you’d be interested in seeing?

Settling into life on base in Oklahoma
I love these gorgeous Oklahoma sunsets!

As we settle in, I’m sure I’ll have more to tell about life on base and in Altus. Stay tuned for more in the new year!

Military friends: what are some of the best things about living on base? What resources should I keep my eye out for?

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  1. Taco Tuesday!! 🙌🌮 And yay for real living room furniture!
    It’s crazy there aren’t a lot of trees around. It would take me a long time to get used to that.
    Also, you should totally build that kitchen table and do a post so we can see it 😀

  2. The commissary does have lentils! Just one type, I think in aisle 2 maybe? The one with the beans and rice. Walmart has them too! 😊 Haven’t seen fish sauce though.

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