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Happy Easter! He is Risen, and that’s fantastic news!

Signs of spring!

Easter rolling around reminds me that somehow it’s already spring.

The warmer weather and longer days has been good for my soul – something deep within me comes alive as the flowers bloom and trees blossom. So here’s a few tidbits of life recently:

Reflecting on 2015

  • Reading: Actual books, not much. But I’ve been burning through audiobooks the past couple months – it lets me read while I’m working out, driving, or doing chores. My public library has three different audiobook apps for my iPhone, so I’ve been enjoying the lighter options after a long day at work or something suspenseful to push me into running that extra 5 minutes.
  • Wearing: dresses. Growing up I was too much of the type to go play sports after class so skirts were rare in my wardrobe. But there’s less running straight from work to the basketball court (or clambering onto roofs, oh how I loved college) and more wanting to wear something both professional and comfy enough to chase a cat or garden or whatever. The warmer weather entices me to retire the dress pants for a while.Photo a day 2015 challenge still going strong!
  • Watching: Too much TV, like everyone. I’m so glad Quantico just started back!!! And for something lighter, Netflix has one season of the Great British Baking Show and it made me so happy.
  • Planning: A trip to Europe is in the not
    too distant future. After three years of working his butt off, we’ve started planning a trip after the bar! We’re planning to go to France, Italy and the UK, but haven’t nailed down any more details yet. Advice???
  • Celebrating: ALL THE WEDDINGS! The past few years have held A TON. Seriously, I was invited to 15 last year. Side effect of working with college students. We’re up to 6 so far for 2016, but I’m a bridesmaid for two of my college roommates. That has meant lots of celebrations!!! I’m so excited for both these women, and also excited for all the fun bridal showers, bachelorette weekends, and weddings coming up! Heading to the first one of the year this weekend in Asheville, NC.
  • Hosting: Continuing the wedding theme, we just had a bridal shower for my best friend! It was at my apartment, and while I’m still in the “leftover college furniture” stage of life (hello, law school), hosting my friends is one of my love languages. I made Victoria sponge cupcakes, which I shared last week on the blog. We had the best time!

Signs of spring!

  • Smelling: Amazing side effect of hosting the shower is that my apartment is full of fresh flowers. It’s a mini mood lifter every time I walk by a vase!
  • Purging: old clothes. After a friend helped me go through my winter clothes during a snowstorm in January, I’ve been itching to do it with everything else we own. So far I haven’t done too much damage, but I’m trying to be conscious every time I wear something if I genuinely like wearing it, or just wear it because I spent money on it. I’m slowly coming around to the “spark joy” mindset (no I haven’t read the book yet), but I also feel more freedom to do it because most of my clothes I’ve had since the beginning of college.I love my city.
  • Enjoying: Daylight Savings Time.
    While it starting meant my sleep was thrown for about a week, I have absolutely loved getting off work with hours of daylight left. I am a genuinely happier person when I get some daylight hours off work.
  • Running: more! I’m not that much of a morning person, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can tell a serious difference in how I feel throughout the day if I’ve worked out. I’m now someone who tries to run every day before heading to my job. This coming from the woman who ran her first 5k only a year ago.
  • Counting: down the days until law school is over! Less than two months now. And yes, it’s only a partial victory because after graduating Logan spends two months studying for the bar. But we’re calling it a win; one step closer.

Signs of spring!

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