Monday afternoon expectations

Today is, of course, Valentine’s day. For some, it’s a wonderful day where its acceptable to make grandiose shows of love and affection for your significant other. For others, it’s a day of feeling uncomfortably aware of what you don’t have in your life.

As someone who’s never had a valentine (other than the many girlfriends over the years who happily took the role  as we go out for cupcakes) , I can definitely relate to the latter. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel a little bitter on a day when everyone else seems to be celebrating the thing you lack.

But can I really begrudge the couples of the world one day? Just one day a year for being lovey-dovey and maybe overly affectionate? After all, one day I hope to be a part of that subsection of the population which has an important someone, and I know then I’ll love Valentine’s day.

After all, it’s all about my focus. Yes, the hundreds of status updates blowing up my Facebook wall at midnight last night did cause a bit of a twinge. So maybe I’ll stay off Facebook today, just to avoid reminding myself. And I won’t go to a cute restaurant for dinner tonight. But really , how many Monday nights do I typically do that? This day doesn’t have to be about me being single. It can just be another Monday.

So as I sit outside enjoying the first tastes of spring, I’m content. Being in a relationship or single doesn’t have to define me, even on this beautiful Monday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Monday afternoon expectations

  1. Yay! Just to be clear, I didn’t mean for this post to be sad. I’m just noticing how big a deal people make Valentine’s Day when they’re single. It doesn’t have to be about highlighting that fact- just treat it like any other day. 🙂

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