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In search of sushi

FIn search of sushi! or the past two weeks, I’ve been working at camp in rural Virginia as part of my job. It’s an awesome time of college students engaging with God and learning how their resources, leadership, and lives have impact with Jesus. It’s great stuff.

One downside, though, is that we’re eating camp food. Probably the best camp food I’ve ever had, but still full of bread and potatoes. All the carbs, friends,all the carbs.

So one of the biggest things I wanted when I got home was veggies. For the first 24 hours, I only ate veggies, fruits, and eggs – no complete meals and no breads. It was glorious. And when Logan and I wanted a date that was healthy and delicious, the In search of sushi! obvious choice was sushi. So we headed to Mt. Fuji in Durham for lunch.

On the inside, Mt. Fuji is dark. But intimate-dark, not gloomy-dark. Dark wood tables and booths, low mood lighting, and exposed brick and ceiling beams set the mood as a great place for drinks with friends after work, or a date. There’s also outdoor seating out front along Brightleaf Square, which is an adorable pedestrian street lined with trees and Christmas lights.

We decided to get a bunch of sushi and share, which is my favorite way to eat out. The permanent buy one get one free deal didn’t hurt either. We tried a dragon roll, rainbow roll, crunchy roll, and spicy tuna roll. And they were all delicious!

In search of sushi!
Dragon roll (shrimp tempura & spicy sauce with eel and avocado on top)
In search of sushi!
Rainbow roll (California roll topped with 6 kinds of fish)
In search of sushi!
Crunchy roll (tempura batter, masago and spicy mayo inside, topped with shrimp and crab stick) and spicy tuna roll (chopped tuna with spicy sauce and radish sprouts)

Seriously, so good. The fish was so rich and the texture was perfect. You could tell it was really fresh. I think my only wish was that the spicy tuna roll be more spicy.

Mt Fuji has a lot more than just sushi too – my mom loves their Chinese and Japanese food, and the table next to us had some amazing-looking Pad Thai.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Mt. Fuji. Delicious food, good ambiance. I’ll definitely be going back and will have to agonize over whether I should order sushi or some other dish!

In search of sushi!

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