The Best Nashville Brunch Spots

Any great weekend trip should include a great breakfast. If you’re looking for something tasty and off the tourist track to eat, try some of these fantastic Nashville brunch spots and coffee shops!

Nashville's best brunch, breakfast, and coffee shops!| Teaspoon of Nose

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Recently I spent a week in Nashville! It was one of those great mixes of an action-packed weekend with friends, and then a slower week staying with my little brother who’s lived there over a year. What both halves of the trip had in common? Great food!

Does this topic sound familiar? It’s because I’ve shared some favorite Nashville restaurants before. If you’re looking for quality lunch and dinner options, it’s worth checking that post out as well. Today, we’re focused on breakfast & brunch!

Nashville's best brunch, breakfast, and coffee shops!| Teaspoon of Nose

Two of the most talked about Nashville brunch spots are Biscuit Love and Pancake Pantry. I’ve actually never been to either; cost of having a brother living in the city means we skip some of the more tourist-driven places. But that’s fine by me! Here’s a few fantastic options I’ve loved:

Breakfast & Brunch Spots


Nashville's best brunch, breakfast, and coffee shops!| Teaspoon of Nose

Silo gives everything you want in a classic brunch spot. Mimosas and breakfast cocktails abound, served in wine glasses to feel extra decadent. The food is a great mix of classics with updates, like hot chicken sliders. I went with pork belly benedict, replacing the usual Canadian bacon with pork belly and WHY DO WE NOT ALWAYS EAT EGGS BENEDICT THAT WAY??? Seriously, crazy good. Even the roasted potatoes were addictive! If you order them as a side, it’s enough for two or three to share. It’s located in Germantown, which is a fun little area that’s developing a lot lately and is walking distance from the farmer’s market, Bicentennial Park, and baseball stadium.

Proper Bagel

Nashville's best brunch, breakfast, and coffee shops!| Teaspoon of Nose

Located right off Belmont’s campus, it’s the ultimate hipster college spot. Proper Bagel has clean white walls with hexagonal tile floors and minimalist tables, the spot feels super insta-worthy even before you see the food. They offer tastes of their house-made cream cheeses, with creative options like lavender honey, bacon jalepeno or birthday cake. I went for a bagel sandwich, with the secret star being tomato jam! Their iced coffee was good and on the dark roast end of things. It’s a great reasonably priced option if you’re looking for a quick breakfast!

Nadeen’s Hermitage Haven

Nashville's best brunch, breakfast, and coffee shops!| Teaspoon of Nose

Nadeen’s is a little off the usual trail for Nashville, over near the Hermitage. It was the perfect place to escape a sudden thunderstorm, complete with live music and a relaxed feel. The food is fantastic, classic breakfast & lunch options. The plates are piled high at reasonable prices – most entrees were less than $10. I got a $7 entree that filled me up all day! If you’re wanting a big breakfast to get you through a day of exploring, Nadeen’s is a great choice.


Red Bicycle

Nashville's best brunch, breakfast, and coffee shops!| Teaspoon of Nose

Fun fact: this place used to be in Chapel Hill, NC, where I went to college. The owner moved to Nashville and reopened there. Small world! Naturally, it was the first place my brother took me. They offer a full coffee & espresso menu as well as crepes. I had the Sunrise and loved every bite! Flavorful and filling without leaving you feeling stuffed. Red Bicycle is bright and comfortable, the type of place I’d take my laptop to get some work done when I needed a change of scenery.

Steadfast Coffee

Nashville's best brunch, breakfast, and coffee shops!| Teaspoon of Nose

Steadfast Coffee is also in Germantown, and one of my favorite things about it is the outdoor seating. There’s enough shade to use your laptop but still be in the fresh air. If you’re lucky, they’ll be  a dog to pet too!

Inside, it’s clean lines and minimalist decor; a hipster haven. I got a cortado and almost got a second one, it was so good! My brother loves their baked goods, so much so that he ate his muffin before I even got to the table for a bite.

Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey has all the great parts of a college town coffee shop. It’s full but not crowded, with about a 50/50 split of patrons working on term papers as going on first dates. The atmosphere is buzzy, with just that right amount of noise to help me focus without it hitting the distractingly loud level.

The spot isn’t only coffee: they serve a great lunch menu, and offer wine and beer. I had the Royale and it was fantastic – fresh and flavorful veggies with turkey on good bread.

Other favorite spots are Crema, Pinewood Social, and Atmalogy. The only reason I’m not raving about them here is that I’ve already done it before, so those are definitely worth checking out too. Crema is my favorite espresso of any of these listed!

These Nashville brunch spots are a few of my favorites. In a city with a ton to offer in terms of great food, I’m always looking for the next thing to try. What do you look for in a brunch restaurant???

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    1. It’s such a foodie haven now!!! I love it, and love that my brother lives there (so I have an excuse to go more)!

  1. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there, but I love Nashville! It has such great vibes, and the food is to die for! Looks like you found some awesome spots!

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