Photo-a-day challenge: 6 months in

How in the world is it already July?!?

I have no idea. I recently had the thought that six months ago, I never would’ve seen myself here. My main people/family/friends are the same, and I’m living in the same city, but that’s almost the extent of the same. New job for me. Clarity of future for Logan (and, by extension, us). It’s been a fun and intense six months – one of the most exhausting season I’ve been through, but it’s been good and crazy and this is the way that Jesus works sometimes.

The good news is, I’m currently getting some serious beach time with my extended family. Beach time + crazy family = good times all around. In the midst of the trip, I wanted to share my favorite instagram posts from the past three months!

The thing I’m most proud of is not the quality of the photos but the fact that I’ve actually been faithful to this. In six months of taking a photo every day, I’ve only missed one day (which I tried to make up for by posting two the next day), and only two other days I’ve posted photos not taken on that particular day. My hope with this photo-a-day thing is to record daily life; that’s my priority over taking professional-level photos. So these favorites are as much reflections of the big moments in my life as they are of some of my better shots. My old boss used to say “do it, then do it well” and that phrase has been really impactful for me. Consider this my doing it. As the doing gets easier, the photos will become better.

all images copyright Teaspoon of Nose

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