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Addicted to Shiki

Today I’m sharing one of those restaurants that I adore and eat at regularly, yet somehow never got around to sharing with you! It’s the type of place I’m equally likely to go for a nice work lunch or for a date night – any excuse to eat my favorite sushi!

Shiki sushi for the win!

Shiki Sushi is around the corner from Southpoint mall, within 10 minutes of Chapel Hill, and Shiki sushi for the win!only 10 minutes from my house. One of those places that feels close to everything.

It’s also a very popular place. Any given weekend night, you’d better make reservations or be prepared to wait 30+ minutes. It’s worth the wait though!

Everyone has a slightly different take on sushi, but there’s something to fit every taste. If you want the classic flavors, they’ve got it. If you want creative twists, there’s something for you. If you want rolls stuffed to the brim with as much seafood as possible, you’re covered too. Tempura fried roll? Check. Sushi run under the broiler just before serving? Done.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Tokyo Sunrise roll: Start with a classic California roll, but with piles of salmon, crab, and roe. So good. I pretty much ALWAYS pick this one.
  • Fabulous roll: Great subtle fish flavors, topped with a kick of Sriracha!
  • Sumo roll: Not for the faint of heart. It’s tempura fried and a bit of sweet eel sauce. Very rich.
  • Blue Devil roll: Much as it pains me to order something Duke-themed, its a great roll with spicy tuna and a touch of wasabi.
  • Volcano roll: Most unusual of my favorites – it’s  baked! I’m not entirely sure on the exact compilation, but it’s a roll topped with scallops and spicy mayo and served warm. An unusual preparation, and I’m in love with it.

Shiki sushi for the win!

There are a TON of other choices, those are the ones I typically land on. Bonus: grab 3 friends and order the boat! We did that for my birthday and it made my WEEK. So fun.

Shiki sushi for the win!
Forgive the blurriness, there’s only so long you can hold people up from digging into sushi.

They serve other non-sushi dishes, but no one should be surprised that I’ve stuck to sushi. I could eat sushi twice a week and not get tired of it.

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3 thoughts on “Addicted to Shiki

  1. Haha I saw the title of your post and immediately I was like, “OMG SHIKI!!”
    The volcano roll is seriously delicious. Mmm now I’m craving sushi 😀

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