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Triangle Bucket List: Simply Crepes

I have only good memories of eating crepes. Whether enjoying some from a local food truck or getting the real deal in Paris, they’re always a good life decision.

Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!
Ready for some birthday fun!

Because really, how can you not like
hot delicious meals wrapped in really thin pancakes? For dinner it’s a fun twist on whatever you’re eating, and for dessert its basically a holder for nutella, fruit, cream or something else equally delicious. Who can turn that down?

So when Lauren’s birthday came
around this fall and we were brainstorming dinner ideas in Raleigh that felt fun and decadent but not too expense, my mind flashed on a crepe place that Logan and I love but somehow had fallen off our radar in the past couple years.

Simply Crepes is exactly what it sounds like. They have delicious meals and desserts all involving crepes. Some are super traditional while others are a fun twist or unexpected filling, Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!so just about anyone can find something they like.

We went on a Saturday night for dinner without a reservation and didn’t have to wait for a table, which was wonderful! Our waitress was fantastic (thanks Pearl!) and gave us great recommendations.

First things first: appetizer! As if we were afraid of not getting enough food, we started with a round of cheesy potatoes. Our reactions were pretty universally positive. We just kept turning to each other and saying “how is this so good?!” For such a humble-sounding starter, it was gooey and hearty and we couldn’t keep our forks out of it. We polished it off in record time.

Each of us wanted to order about four different things on the menu. Such a variety of choices!

Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!

I ended up choosing the Turkey and Gouda crepe. I loved it! Personally, I really like savory crepes with a good mix of hearty meat, cheeses and sauce with some lighter greens for contrast. This one hit the spot for sure!

Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!

Lindsay went with the chicken Cordon bleu crepe. Hers was panko crusted, and we all laughed that it looked like a burrito! French burritos, anyone?

Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!

Our birthday girl got the Tarragon Chicken. It was mushroomy and creamy and good, and crepe itself was perfect for soaking up more of that thick sauce!

Of the three entrees, my turkey and gouda was my favorite. But that’s the thing I love about Simply Crepes: there’s something for everyone!

Finally, on to my favorite part of any crepe meal: dessert! After drooling over the dessert options, we turned to our waitress for a recommendation. She pointed us towards a seasonal dessert that’s actually not listed on the menu: a cinnamon apple crepe served with whipped cream, ice cream, caramel and some lovely fall spiced apples. Naturally we followed her lead, which was possibly the best decision we made that night!

Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!

It was rich  enough that I was glad we decided to share it. The vanilla ice cream balanced the crepe beautifully, and it reminded me of some French twist on apple pie. Yum!

Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!

As if we weren’t getting enough food for the evening, Pearl brought Lauren a birthday crepette! She was so sweet to us the whole night.

Best crepes in Raleigh at Simply Crepes!

Overall, we had a great time! Simply Crepes is a fun place for a nice meal that’ll be sure to fill you up. Another bonus: it’s in an adorable shopping center that definitely has a European feel, with an outdoor courtyard for al fresco dining in warmer weather.

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