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A Spring Bridal Shower

A spring bridal shower makes for a perfectly themed party!

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Is it just me, or has spring become bridal shower season?

It makes sense that if your wedding takes place that summer, the shower would fall a few months before. It seems like the past few springs have been dominated with bridal showers and I’m LOVING it! Spring feels like such a renewal after winter, such a celebration of life and beauty and joy, that celebrating an upcoming marriage seems to fit right in!

One of my favorite things about showers is that you get to see a cross-section of the bride & groom’s community. Gathering people who know you differently but love and support you the same in one room is such a beautifully powerful thing! That’s probably what I love most about showers: bringing your team, your tribe, your community together into one room for an afternoon.

Throwing a spring bridal shower means decorations that are equally elegant and joyful!

So when throwing Sage’s bridal shower last weekend, we wanted it to be fun and relaxed. The hope was to reflect our bride: silly and elegant in equal measures! I ended up doing most of the decor and I knew this would be a chance to stretch my creative muscles and experiment with some beautiful things for my Etsy shop.

With Sage’s mom and the other bridesmaids, we settled on a color scheme of green, white and gold. We wanted cheerful colors that could communicate joy, and I love the way they popped!

The first thing I envisioned was a name banner. I love using word banners because they can be hung pretty much anywhere and add personalization to the space. For this banner,  I went with simple and classic to hang along the mantle.

Throwing a spring bridal shower means decorations that are equally elegant and joyful!

To add a little more playfulness to our space, I made polka dot garlands! The great thing about these is they’re super versatile. They can be hung above doorways or along countertops. We put several hanging straight down in the windows to add some colorful accents. You can even hang all of them next to each other to create a photo booth backdrop, as I did below! We even threw one across the door to confirm to guests that they’d found the right house.

Throwing a spring bridal shower means decorations that are equally elegant and joyful!

On my Etsy shop I have a couple of color suggestions, but the options are endless. Message me if you’ve something in mind!

Another small decor item were menu item table tents. Sage is gluten-free and we chose the food with her in mind. But there were some gluten-full cupcakes too, so the tent cards detailed what each thing one and told dietary options as well! It’s always nice to know what you’re getting in a buffet line.

Throwing a spring bridal shower means decorations that are equally elegant and joyful!

Sage’s shower was really special and I loved making these things! Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a few of our games!

If something you see here catches your eye, please check out my Etsy shop for more decor and paper creations! I’d love to help you design something to make your next party perfect!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m working on putting together a “bridal shower in a box” kit with invitations, games, and decor too. If you have ideas you want to see in there, let me know!!!

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