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All the best Monopoli restaurants, bars, and cafes in one place!

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Even as Puglia rises in popularity as an Italian vacation spot, it’s still one of the best parts of the country for sun and sea! If you’re craving a waterfront vacation, Monopoli is a great option.

I’ve already shared all my favorite things to do and see in town, so let’s talk about the best Monopoli restaurants!

Seafood carbonara was a surprise win in Monopoli, Puglia!
the best gelato in Monopoli, Puglia

Typical Dishes in Monopoli

Monopoli’s typical dishes are classic Pugliese, so this list is pretty close to Lecce’s.

The most important food group is fish and seafood! As a coastal town, you’ll find this on every menu. Everything I tasted was amazing, so my advice is to ask the staff what their best dish is and go with that.

Be sure to try pasticciotto, a crumbly filled pastry that’s typical for breakfast! You’ll see them everywhere, and they make a great snack throughout the day as well.

Monopoli restaurants in Puglia, Italy

Pasta in Puglia is traditionally made without eggs. Historically this has been a very poor region, so making pasta without eggs was a choice in the cucina povera tradition. Orecchiette is the most internationally recognized, but you’ll also find cavatelli, maccheroncini and more!

If you’re craving cold coffee, order a caffe leccese! It’s espresso served with almond syrup over ice, and a refreshing caffeine boost on a hot morning.

Check out a few more typical Pugliese dishes on my Lecce restaurant guide!

Caffe Leccese in Monopoli, Puglia
seafood in Monopoli - Puglia restaurants

Monopoli Restaurants

Carlo Quinto

Carlo Quinto might have been my favorite restaurant in Monopoli! It sits right along the lungomare (boardwalk); the gorgeous seaside serves as the perfect backdrop. Try the seafood carbonara if you’re feeling adventurous! Yes, usually cheese and seafood aren’t paired together, but even in Italy, sometimes rules are made to be broken.

Trattoria La Locanda dei Mercanti

This is another of the best restaurants in Monopoli. Locanda dei Mercanti is popular enough with both locals and tourists that you’ll need a reservation, even for lunch. If you’re too nervous to call, go by the restaurant on your first day and ask for a table – if they’re full, make a reservation for later. But it’s worth the extra step! Everything is super fresh and it’ll probably be your best meal in Monopoli!

The best pasta in Monopoli, Puglia, Italy

Osteria Perricci

Osteria Perricci is an old-school restaurant serving unfussy seafood. It’s a Monopoli institution only steps away from the ancient port. Truly, if you want to eat like the locals do, head here. It’s the kind of place where ask what’s freshest today, and just order what they tell you!

Ai Portici

Ai Portici is five minute’s walk outside the historic city center, and so worth it for their Napoletana style pizza! They have a ton of options, as well as build your own, so you know your pizza will be perfect. They also have a full menu of pasta and secondi (main dish), so everyone can find something they want.

The best pizza in Monopoli, Puglia, Italy
Great local wine in Monopoli, Puglia

Breakfast, Aperitivo, and Gelato

For all the other meals and bits you love about Italy!

Il Capriccio

Il Capriccio is THE place to get gelato in Monopoli, and it’s conveniently right on the main piazza. This was actually my favorite gelateria I’ve found in Puglia! It’s perfectly creaming and delicious on a hot day, with a good selection of flavor options. They have an adjacent coffee bar, but the star is their gelato.

Hot breakfast in Puglia? Yes please!

Nuovo Premiato Caffe Venezia

This bar/cafe was my favorite breakfast in Monopoli. In addition to all the classics, Caffe Venezia offers hot savory breakfast options, which can be hard to find in Italy! So that’s a treat in itself. Save this spot for a morning when you want a filling breakfast!

Barumba Cafe

This cafe has all the classics of an Italian bar: coffee and pastry breakfast in the morning, light sandwiches at lunch, and wine and aperitivi all day and night! Barumba is a great people-watching spot as well, with plenty of outdoor seats in the piazza.

Eating seafood pasta on the coast in Puglia, Italy

This is just a taste of my favorite restaurants in Monopoli! You can get the full list in an interactive map on Thatch!

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