There is something so different in, Venice from any other place in, the world, that you leave at, once all accustomed habits and, everyday sights to enter an, enchanted garden.

-Mary Shelley

Venice without tourists has even more magic. Here's an inside look at what the city felt like just after quarantine!

Some think Venice is choked with tourists and overrated, but that’s almost always when they’ve only been to St. Mark’s Square on a sweltering August afternoon. From the gondolas gliding through the canals to the sun setting over the rooftops, Venice has a million corners packed with beauty.

THe best shops in Venice - where to buy authenic, handmade souvenirs!

The Best Shops in Venice

Venice without Tourists - immediately after the quarantine

Venice Without Tourists

Here's where to start when looking for great food in Venice!

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Unique spots in Venice - get beyond St. Mark's!

Unique Spots in Venice

Burano Island in Venice, known for lace and colorful houses

Burano Island

Exploring the Venice's Murano Island and Venetian Glass

Venetian Glass: Murano Island

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