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A Triangle Bucket List update: life gets real

Me, sassy after not posting enough.

It’s Thursday, and there was no Triangle Bucket List post this Tuesday. What’s up with that?

Life, that’s what.

We all know that adulting can be a bit much. The new job is great and also intense, and that’s okay, right? New job plus husband in law school plus regular life means that sometimes days can be a touch too full. Not complaining about life – the travel has been both work and social, and I’ve had some great experiences over the past couple months! What it means, though, is that we’ve got very little in terms of bandwidth for the side projects.

That’s translated to the blog falling to the back burner a lot of weeks and posts have the feel of a rush job for the past several months.

I love writing, so I’m not just going to give this up. But I also don’t have the time or energy to put into this that I would like to. Usually I thrive in busy-ness and with lots of structure: clear goals and to do lists are constant parts of my life. But in this particular area, the clear goals need some re-evaluating.

Goals just for the sake of having goals can provide healthy structure, but when life is already crazy I’m reminded that maybe my life needs less structure and more grace, more rest, more flexibility.

I’m going to keep writing, but not stick to my every Tuesday Triangle posting. Holding myself to an artificial standard just adds stress unnecessarily, and I’m not about that life.

So stay tuned for more Triangle Bucket Lists, but not necessarily every Tuesday. Never fear, I’m already working on the next Triangle Bucket List post, as well as some fun travel posts from our cruise getaway last month. Check it out in the next couple weeks!

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