Whirlwinds of Europe

The past month I’ve been pretty rubbish about posting, I know. Some pretty significant things have gone down since then, which I’m sure I’ll come back to later. At this moment, I’m sitting on a friend’s couch in Letchworth, England, watching his 11-year-old brother play video games. Let me back up: I’m spending about four weeks of my summer traveling through Europe, and I’m loving it. I’ve put the trip together piecemeal, spending some with friends and some on my own as I meander through five countries and rarely spend more than one night in the same place. This is the first day I haven’t had big traveling or sightseeing plans, and its going to be really nice.

So now I’m ten days, two countries, and over 1000 photos in. I’ve seen Big Ben, had monkeys climb on my back, and heard the Buckingham Palace guard band play the Star Wars theme. I explored a mosque-turned-church and caught a glimpse of (but didn’t actually get to set foot on) Africa.

Another great part has been seeing friends. Some who I know from North Carolina, but most from studying abroad in Sydney. That has added a fun non-touristy aspect to the trip (and the reason I used the word “rubbish” earlier, after listening to all my British friends).

I’ll post some more specific stories later, but just wanted to post a quick update!

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