Chocolate Banana Muffins

Sometimes, you need chocolate. But you’re trying to be good because it’s the new year and you just ate your body weight in sugar during the holidays but you still need chocolate. Enter: chocolate banana muffins!


Best Fiction of 2017

Did you set any new year’s resolutions? I didn’t (personally at least), but if you’re trying to read more this year, I can help! I love to read and I’m not picky about genre (except horror, keep that mess away from me), so today I’m sharing a bit of the best fiction of 2017!


2017 in review

And just like that, we’re about to wave goodbye to 2017! I know it’s just too cheesy to wax poetic about how fast it went by, so I’ll try to just skip that. But what a year it’s been! Here are a few things that came to mind as I think back over 2017.


Best Nonfiction of 2017

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!! We’re travelling through North Carolina right now, and it has been so much fun to see our families. We’re passing the 20 hours of driving each way by listening to Game of Thrones together, which has turned out to be WAY better than fighting over the radio. As the… Read More Best Nonfiction of 2017