DC eats: springtime edition

Having my best friend living in DC has exposed me to the myriad fun things to do and see. I’ve already shared about our recent cherry blossom fun and museum explorations. Today, I want to share some of our latest epicurean explorations!



Taqueria Nacional is a cute little casual Mexican place right off 14th Street in Columbia Heights. First off, the food  really fresh. Tacos are the way to go here, with tons of fresh A spring weekend eating and exploring through DC!toppings and combinations. Guamole is a must, and check out their yucca fries for something new! My favorite feature of the place had to be the patio out front – a darling little area, complete with a fire pit! Perfect spot to spend a spring Friday night catching up with a good friend!

Don’t miss their margaritas! I loved their classic margarita, and the night we stopped by they had a pineapple special that tasted like heaven itself.

Bonus: after dinner, head next door to BakeHouse for a treat. Our favorite ended up being the brownie sundae, because chocolate + ice cream = heck yes.


Alright friends, I am OBSESSED with this place. My favorite meal of the weekend – both for the food and for the atmosphere – happened here. Our late lunch on Saturday slid into an early dinner after too many fun things crammed into our day. Whenever two meals become one, it should be done well! We schlepped our way over to Dupont for Kramerbooks & Afterwords. The front has a bookstore. And y’all, its a good bookstore. After our meal we spent some quality time wandering the shelves, but when we arrived we headed straight to the back to get some food in our bellies.

A spring weekend eating and exploring through DC!

As a reward for all our walking, we started with a beer. I picked a Belgian Tripel (my latest favorite beer), and Laura went with a Cherry Blossom lager to fit the day’s theme. Both came from Dominion Brewing Company, just outside DC. We both went for the buffalo cheeseburger, and let me tell you, we chose well. The burger was juicy, flavorful, and the side salad gave a boost of veggies and balance to our meal.

A spring weekend eating and exploring through DC!

For dessert, we split the triple chocolate cake: chocolate cake, chocolate pudding filling, and chocolate icing. Heaven itself.

A spring weekend eating and exploring through DC!

Needless to say, we took our full bellies  and spent a contented half hour wandering the bookstore before leaving.


A spring weekend eating and exploring through DC!On Sunday, Laura and I wrapped up our spring weekend in the most DC way we could think of: with brunch!

We headed to The Heights for our meal. They’ve got a great mix of classic breakfast options with some southern touches mixed in. Laura got the Huevos Motuleños, which had the classic flavors you want in a Mexican dish, each one layered on top of each other. Plus: plantains. I can never have enough plantains. Every meal should come with them.

I ordered the fried chicken benedict, which surprises no one who knows me because I cannot resist hollandaise sauce.It turned out to be enormous and I barely finished it, but for the sake of not wasting that precious sauce I conquered the plate. But next time, I would probably split it – so much food!  I really liked the pepper jelly because it offered a tangy contrast to the richness of fried chicken and  hollandaise.


A spring weekend eating and exploring through DC!

Plus, The ambiance feels like just the type of place I’d want to meet friends after work for dinner or a drink, so hopefully we’ll be back soon!

A spring weekend eating and exploring through DC!

That’s the latest of our food finds in DC! Where should I check out next time??

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