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Weekend escaping to Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Earlier this summer, Logan and I escaped life for a long weekend.

In the brief window between graduating law school and starting bar prep, I knew we needed a quick getaway. Something relaxing, rejuvenating, and not stressful to plan or involving too much travel.

We grabbed Logan’s best friend Taylor & wife Savanah for a beach weekend in Kiawah Island, South Carolina! Taylor & Savanah are some of our favorite people ever, and awesome travel friends! It’s almost embarrassing how little we see of them even though we live only 3 hours away – life gets so full. But this little weekend made up for lost time!

Kiawah 05

Kiawah has great bike paths everywhere. We spent hours exploring the island on wheels!

A weekend escape to Kiawah, SC!

A weekend escape to Kiawah, SC!

A weekend escape to Kiawah, SC!

Crab watching

Kiawah 10

Even with the cloudy weather, it was beautiful!

Kiawah 07

Meeting the locals.

Kiawah 18

Taylor was our alligator expert, and we managed to find a whole bunch of them in various ponds around the island!

Kiawah 03

I don’t know how I’d feel to wake up with one of these in my front yard though. Yikes.

Our first day was cloudy, but we still spent most of the day outside with our bikes or on the beach. Don’t you love friend who you can relax with and “do nothing” with all weekend?

Clouds didn’t rule the weekend, though. We managed to get some bright sunny days too! After a gorgeous day at the beach, we drove north to Charleston for some wandering back streets and a seafood dinner.

A weekend escape to Kiawah, SC!

There’s something captivating about meandering through old cities. History around every corner, and back streets that let you step back in time.

Kiawah 13

Kiawah 12

A weekend escape to Kiawah, SC!

Kiawah 17

Kiawah 14

The clouds glowed as the sun set over the city.

The next morning we had to leave, but not before one last biking excursion. Look at that sunshine!

Kiawah 19

Kiawah 16

A weekend escape to Kiawah, SC!

We headed home refreshed and grateful for good friends!

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