Our newest addition: Wedge!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed our newest addition to the family! We got a puppy!! He’s a German Shepherd mix and we got him when he was eight weeks old. We wanted to get a young puppy that we could do all the training, and he is so stinkin’ cute that we fell in love immediately.

His name is Wedge. Wedge Antilles Myrick.

German shepherd puppy

Yes, he’s named after a Star Wars character. Yes, I’m a nerd and Logan is the best ever for letting me name him Wedge.

I told my parents the name we picked out, and my dad says, “Wow, Emma, that’s pretty obscure. Are you sure?”

Oh Dad. I picked a name from the original trilogy. He’s even in all three of them. I could have gone so much deeper down that rabbit hole.

German shepherd puppy

German shepherd puppy

Here are a few observations from my first few days with Wedge:

  • He’s within 2 feet of me at all times. It’s adorable, and it gives me just a slight taste of what having children is like. At  breakfast the first day, I had to stand next to his bowl (while eating my own breakfast) to get him to eat, otherwise he’d take one bite then come over to me.
  • When he’s napping, even if he’s not touching me, I don’t want to move. Not to grab a glass of water, or throw something away, or maybe consider changing out of my PJs. If I move, he stops napping, and that means I need to let him out immediately.
  • I don’t know what 40% of his noises mean. They’re adorable and he can make himself understood, but he also does a lot of chattering that feels like toddler babble, just talking to talk.
  • I had forgotten how dogs who haven’t been leash trained act. At first he was not into it and I had to carry him through PetSmart the first night because he refused to move on the leash. He’s gotten better, but it’s a funny training process.
  • Pro tip: in the dark, it’s next to impossible to tell if a puppy has peed. Take a flashlight and you can probably assume if they hold still for 7 seconds, that was it.

German shepherd puppy

German shepherd puppy

We love him. I knew we would, but it’s been even more fun than I thought! He’s sweet and full of personality, but also pretty relaxed in terms of energy level.

I’m sure I’ll be overwhelming my social media feeds with more shots of him in the coming days and weeks. I hope you like puppy pictures, because here they come!!

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5 thoughts on “Our newest addition: Wedge!

  1. SO CUTE! He’s going to grow so fast. I picked up my Doberman when she was 8 weeks and just weighed 10 lbs. Now she’s 70 lbs and still asks me to carry her. I sometimes wish they’d stay small forever!

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