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Bridal shower yogurt bar

This spring and summer will be a whirlwind of wedding related events. Two of my dear friends and college roommates are getting married this summer, and both asked each of us roommates to be bridesmaids! Which has been an AMAZING honor – it has been so much fun to celebrate both these women who I love so dearly!

This past weekend, Taylor’s bridesmaids threw a bridal shower.It was so much fun!

Celebrating Taylor with a brunch-themed shower!
Taylor & her bridesmaids!

Celebrating Taylor with a brunch-themed shower!We decided to do a brunch-themed party: who doesn’t love brunch?!?

The theme ended up being especially fitting, considering the gifts she received were almost entirely for the kitchen! Never have I ever seen so many darling matching kitchen dishes – most of the Pioneer Woman line made an appearance! I’m looking forward to the future dinner parties on her gorgeous kitchen set.

We had a gorgeous spread- the biggest muffins you’ve ever seen, mimosas and bellinis, fruit, two egg casseroles, as well as some of the best dips I’ve ever tasted!

Celebrating Taylor with a brunch-themed shower!

And cake. So much delicious cake.

Celebrating Taylor with a brunch-themed shower!

One of my favorite parts of the shower was another food item. [Really, no one should be surprised that I focused on the food.] Trying to think of another breakfast/brunchy  item that would please a crowd, I came across the idea for a yogurt bar! (Thanks Pinterest.)

Celebrating Taylor with a brunch-themed shower!

The concept is super simple: get a couple types of yogurt and all your favorite tasty toppings in one place, and let people go crazy!

Advantages of a yogurt bar:

  1. customizable – people can do what they like!
  2. easy to make work for vegetarians/gluten-free
  3. gives a healthy option if people feel so inclined. You know, if you need to balance out those mimosas and muffins.

It perfectly fit a bridal shower too: the yogurt is rich and smooth and creamy, striking the right balance between decadent and light, combining fun and sweet and healthy.

For our shower, I chose three types of yogurt. We had about 30 people there, so I wanted to try and have options for everyone!  I bought plain Greek yogurt, vanilla Greek yogurt, and plain (non-Greek/regular) yogurt. I kept my flavors basic, to better dress up with toppings!

A yogurt bar is perfect for a brunch themed bridal shower!

Toppings we used included: granola, strawberries, bananas, honey, and chocolate chips. You can’t go wrong with fruits, so feel free to experiment and see what people like the most!

At the shower I picked vanilla Greek yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips. [Adding chocolate chips to anything is a win, right???]

A yogurt bar is perfect for a brunch themed bridal shower!

Another plus: whatever leftovers you have will feed you breakfast (or dessert!) for the next couple days. I’ve been starting my day with plain Greek yogurt topped with a splash of honey or bananas all week, and loving it!

Celebrating Taylor with a brunch-themed shower!

That’s my favorite brunch-themed party food! Enjoy!

A yogurt bar is perfect for a brunch themed bridal shower!

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